cold weather survival tools

Chances are, wherever you are, it’s quite cold. We rung in 2014 with almost 3 straight days of snow and now super cold temps to follow. The Chicago forecast for next week calls for highs of -8°. As in, the actual temperature. Not the windchill. It’s the kind of weather where you dare not leave your house with wet hair for fear that your tresses will instantly break off and when you open the door to let the dog outside she looks at you like you’re insane. I’ve rounded up a few things that are getting me through these wickedly cold days.

winter survival kit
1. Crane Drop Shape Humidifier – we have Crane humidifiers in every bedroom. I fill them every night and if I forget, my throat tells me the next day.
2. Gap Sweater Zip Cape – I sized up on this one so that it would last me through this pregnancy. I wear it around the house like a slightly more stylish Snuggie. The zips open so you can poke your arms out to change the channel and/or pin freely.
3.Numi Organic Rooibos Chai – Caffeine free tasty hydration. Delicious with steamed milk and a sleeve of Lorna Doones.
4. L.L. Bean 10″ Shearling Lined Boots – The gold standard of winter boots. I know everybody loves their Sorel’s right now, but these are the originals and so, so toasty. The black/black are on sale right now too.
5. Burts Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion – I have dry, sensitive skin and this stuff is a game changer. It soothes wind chapped cheeks, isn’t greasy, layers well under makeup, and claims to minimize wrinkles (ahem, not that I need that, ahem).
6. Target Plaid Shirt Flannel – So soft. So cheap. Size up for sure. I think I might pick up the other colors too since I basically wear this every day. The perfect layer.
It’s hard not to have the sadz with this awful weather especially with the inevitable post-holiday cough we all seem to have. Lucy got an incredibly awesome gift for Christmas – the Kiwi Crate subscription service and one project box has gotten us through some long boring afternoons. You can read Shana’s super thorough review (and comparison to a similar service, Wonderbox) here.
Stay warm!
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