This time of year really gets me itching to clean and organize. I feel a burning desire to edit, edit, edit. No more decorations, no more holiday insanity. True to my word, I’ve decided that our bedroom really needs some attention this winter. Even though I should be packing up our ornaments and hoovering pine needles out of our carpet I’ve been spending some time with my new bff…

The new Ikea Aspelund wardrobe in our bedroom. It took two weeks of procrastination, and two nap times worth of assembling, but I finally got this guy put together. I love it. It replaces an extra chic but too small dresser and is absolutely perfect.

It perfectly houses all of my casual clothes. Affordable bins from the container store hold all of my unmentionables. It’s fantastic to finally have the hanging storage I need, even if all the clothes are paint splattered and baby snot baptized.

It’s inspired me to do a little shopping to fill it too. Hopefully I can keep this burst of energy going. I really need to take a good hard look at every closet in this house and make sure they are working for us. I think I might need to scoot that wardrobe over a bit too, and maybe add a vanity table across from it? Sigh… decisions, decisions.

Any new year organization frenzies in your house?



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