New Painting

The wall above our tv was looking a little plain.

Trimming out the beams and adding crown molding helped a whole lot, but I still felt like the space was a bit empty.


Pk and I won this painting at a spring auction to benefit Misericordia several months ago. I had it reframed and then stuck it in the basement while all the drywall and painting was going on, but now that the dust has settled I’m happy to give it  a new home.

I’m not sure if I’ll add more art to that wall or just let the lady stand on her own, but for now, I love seeing her there.What’s especially amazing about this painting is that it was painted by a resident of Misericordia, not a professional artist. Misericordia has residences and programming for children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities. It’s a phenomenal organization and you can read more about it here, and here’s a link to a great video that features some of the artists in the show.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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