Inspiring bedrooms and…the apocalypse is coming.

I’ve been working a little bit on our bedroom, in those rare quiet moments when Lucy isn’t demanding every ounce of my attention. I decided to do a roundup of rooms that really get me going to make sure my eye is tuned to what I like (not just what I think I should like!) Here’s a few that I adore…


via House and Home


via Lonny


via Country Living


jenna lyons former bedroom


Alice Lane Home

What these rooms all have in common is a very simple color palette. They have tons of texture and variety (leather, linen, sisal, metal!), but they also have a little bit of restrained elegance – none of them are very over the top. Black, white, grey, varied wood tones, and hints of gold. Hopefully I can incorporate a few of those qualities in our space too.

ps. It was 63° here today. IT’S JANUARY. The high on thursday is supposed to be 10°! Totally and utterly bizarre.

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