Black and Grey Nursery Decor

modern grey/black nursery decor
I’ve decided to keep things pretty neutral in our little guy’s nursery, including decor. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about to spruce up the white walls.
1. I just ordered a custom nursing pillow cover from ModFox on Etsy. I love the fabric and it will look great in any room of our house. There are great fabric selections to peruse in her shop of you are looking for something a little more modern.
2. This large scale print from Banquet Atelier on Etsy. The size is great and very affordable. I love the woodsy theme of this one called “Twenty Northern Friends”, but there are also some lovely ocean themed prints for your little sailors. This print includes facts about all the animals at the bottom.
3. Thelittlechickadee Etsy shop has amazing silhouette prints, including this one called “The Stars Will Watch Over You”
4. These house shelves are on sale at Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. I know it would be pretty straightforward to DIY these, but the truth is, I’m lazy. I haven’t pulled the trigger on these yet, but I’m thinking about it.
5. Another print from Urban Outfitter! There is one in Lucy’s room too. This one was too charming to pass up and I love moon art.
6. More animal friends from Joanne Liu on Society 6. Looking at that site makes me want to change out all the art in my living room gallery wall. So much amazing stuff! Such reasonable prices!
7. This brass mobile from Comometalworks on Etsy would bring in a nice bit of warmth.
The second visit of our new friend the Polar Vortex meant that work upstairs had to pause, but our contractor was back today to get things moving. I’m so impatient to start decorating!
Hoping you all are well (and warm!)
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