easy magnetic storage

We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen. A little sliver of wall next to the fridge…IMG_1938

For the longest time I just kept the chalk on the nearest counter, but it was frustrating for Lucy to always have to ask me to get it down, so I decided to do something about it. ¬†There’s a bit of the side of the fridge that protrudes next to the chalk wall and it dawned on me that it would be the perfect space for some magnetic storage tins. The pre-made ones (like these, or these) were a little too small to hold chalk markers, so I picked up a couple of inexpensive paint cans and some magnets (like these) at the hardware store. Simply glue the magnets on and voila! I was a bit sloppy with the glue as you can see.



They have lids, but I leave them off so Lucy can grab her chalk.

IMG_4640_2 IMG_4641


IMG_4647I added two magnets each, but if you are storing something heavier I would recommend adding a few more. I also really like the way the stainless finish blends into the rest of the kitchen.



Happy Wednesday!

xo – H

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