Looking forward

I purchased this beautiful  “Language of Flowers” calendar from Etsy after seeing it featured on an Apartment Therapy roundup. It’s by the House that Lars Built.

language of flowers


In Victorian times flowers were used as an elaborate means of communication between lovers, with each blossom meaning something different. It reminded me of a well known book my mom sent me called “The Illuminated Language of Flowers” by the famous 19th century illustrator of children’s books, Kate Greenaway.  This calendar isn’t really practical for writing notes on, but I mostly use a wall calendar as a date reference and, obviously, this is a beautiful thing to hang on the wall.

Are you looking forward to the new year? We had a wonderful holiday, but are all now suffering with a cold. We had our first snowfall last night and Lucy is super excited about playing outside, despite her Niagara nose. I’d much rather stay inside and translate the meaning of those beautifully illustrated flowers.

Hope you all are well, and cozy.


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