Jennifer Allen Ceramics

I wanted to share some images of work by a very talented ceramic artist – Jennifer Allen . Her work blows me away, not because it’s necessarily my style, but because the detail and glaze-work are amazing…

One of the things that I love so much about ceramics is the elevation of mundane objects to works of art. I think her work demonstrates that concept beautifully. It’s a quality I hope for in my own work, although I approach it a bit differently. There is a lovely attention to detail and form in these pieces. It’s not just decoration applied to a vessel; in Jennifer Allen’s work the wheel thrown and altered pot and the intricate glaze work are integral. Her unique handwork translates to the finished piece, lending them a kind of intimacy.

The last paragraph of her artist statement is wonderful.

“Determined to keep “handmade” an essential part of the contemporary home, my ongoing focus is to reinforce personal sentiments of beauty, joy, nourishment and celebration through porcelain tableware. Whether it’s a festive meal shared by many or a cup of hot cocoa indulged by one, I remain motivated by moments when pottery is in use. By making thoughtful, useful handcrafted pottery for the domestic landscape, I am inspired to enhance the home, engage the hand, and nourish the spirit.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

What are you all up to on this rainy Sunday? Pk is filling in the trench to the garage (in the pouring rain no less.) He’s leaving for a week long trip tonight. 4 countries in 7 days. I’m amazed by him. And, of course, terribly lonely when he’s gone. Sigh. Hopefully I can whip this messy house into shape while he’s gone.

xoxo, H



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