and now we wait.


We made it through our transfer and now we just…wait. No doubt the waiting is the hardest part of any fertility treatment –  just kidding – getting through embryo transfer with a very full bladder while a nurse leans on your uterus with an ultrasound wand is probably the hardest (I kid! I kid! – but really the receptionist told me that I wouldn’t be the first patient to pee on my doctor; thankfully I didn’t.) Your bladder has to be super full during transfer because liquid conducts ultrasound waves and the doctor has to see your uterus very clearly to place the embryos. You lay on the table for 20 minutes and then they push you out the door with a “good luck” and “the bill is in the mail” Not really the last part…

This period of time is  called the dreaded TWW (two-week-wait) in fertility support board parlance. The shots are over, no more constant blood work and appointments, no more check in calls – just waiting (still lots of pills though – yay hormones!) Theoretically you are supposed to wait until your official blood test from your doctor to determine  whether you were successful or not – my discharge nurse specifically told me not to test at home, but that’s kind of like dropping an alcoholic off at a bar and telling them not to order a Glenlivet, easy ice and a splash of water please. I tested early with Lucy, and with the baby that I miscarried last year – I will probably test again early this time.

I realize that this whole process has mightily distracted me from the blog – it’s hard to think about posts when I’m busy obsessing about this family building business. I think from now on I’ll be mum (what a pun!) on the possible pregnancy talk – at least until we know for sure whether we were successful or not. I have lots of updates to share about the progress of the studio and our plans for the back yard, but obviously right now my mind is occupied with other things. And, of course – it’s spring! glorious beautiful and amazing spring – the only warm time of year when we leave our windows open all the time and lounge around outside without fear of being eaten alive by mosquitos. We’ve been spending as much time as possible outside – nothing makes Lucy happier than digging in the dirt with her little plastic shovel. I hope you and yours are well and enjoying the warmer weather.


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