Hogeye Festival – AKA BBQ Heaven

On Saturday we went to the Hogeye Festival in Elgin, Texas (near Austin.) Elgin is a picturesque small town where my Great Grandparents lived and where my Grandmom grew up. My dad has fond memories of spending his summers there. It was so fun to visit during the Hogeye festival which is basically a street fair with a hefty dose of unbelievably delicious competitive BBQing.

That’s the face Lucy made while she gnawed on a piece of slow cooked pork. That’s my girl. The food was ah-mazing.

There were tons of cool cars on display, both antique and crazy souped up new ones. Can you see the longhorns mounted on the orange car?

The Ferris wheel was charming.

Eventually the kiddos got a little overwhelmed; that’s my half-brother Calvin sitting on my Dad’s shoulders. We wrapped it up pretty early, but I would have gladly stayed and continued to stuff my face.

We had a blast!


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