Fall buys – Maternity edition

fall 13 maternity basics

I’ve been trying hard to stick with the less is more approach to buying clothes that I talked about here – but obviously, changing body = changing wardrobe. I had a tote of good maternity clothes left over from my first pregnancy, but it’s impossibly buried in our storage locker. Thankfully my friends have come to the rescue and sent bags of clothes my way (thanks Annie and Silva!), but I still picked up just a few basics to get me through. I love Old Navy Maternity because it’s so inexpensive and really, for clothes you’re only going to wear for a few months, there is no need to splurge. I normally wouldn’t spend on a specific maternity coat, but since the biggest parts (haha) of this pregnancy happen during the coldest parts of Chicago winter I thought I might make an exception. Surprisingly I think I’ll be able to wear it after pregnancy too – it has toggles to draw in or expand the waist as needed, and the detachable lining makes it versatile. I saw the little post earrings at Urban Outfitter when I was picking up some new lamps (pics coming soon) and they are irresistibly cute. They come in a bunch of different shapes too. They also inexpensively satisfy my growing obsession with delicate gold/brass jewelry. The boots are a classic and as much as I love heeled booties, my expanding waistline means my balance is getting worse and so, flat shoes for me.
So that’s what I’ve been shopping for this fall, how about you guys? Any recommendations for good snow boots? I shudder to think I’ll need them soon.
xo – H
PS. If I wasn’t looking specifically for a maternity coat I would have snatched up this one in khaki from Zara. I saw it in person and it’s gorgeous.
PPS. Sorry if you got multiple notifications about this post – Polyvore (what I use to make the outfit boards) was being a little fussy.
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