Spring Layers

A few transitional pieces I’ve picked up recently. It’s still freezing here, so layers are still a must. Transitional for Spring
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I didn’t get the Everlane sweater because I found  a Pim + Larkin one cheaper on Piperlime, but it’s sold out. Everlane’s cashmere get’s great reviews online, though. I promise the waxed military coat looks better in person, and it has a bit of insulation which a lot of the “utility” style jackets don’t have. I’ve even worn it comfortably in light rain. Those boots! I’ve been wearing them a ton because they are comfortable, and they are on sale right now at Urban Outfitter. I’m a little nervous about the floral denim, but it’s all the rage right now and I love Liberty fabrics (true story – I have a handmade jumper that my grandmother made for me in a similar Liberty print – I’m just waiting for Lucy to grow into it.)It’s on super final sale at Jcrew right now. The gap oxford shirt is a great fit – definitely a casual button up (and washable.) Gap is having their friends and family event right now, so no need to pay full price (really – does anyone play full price for Gap? I feel like everything is always on sale). The striped tee and floral scarf – this pin says it all.
That’s what’s on my mind for spring mom fashion right now. Are you doing anything fun for St. Patrick’s day? Last year we went to the beach because it was 70 degrees. This year? A high of 37. Yippee! Pete just got home from a long week away and honestly, it’s like the sun emerging from the clouds. The whole world is a better place when he’s home (and not just because he went to pick up Chinese food.)
Hope you all are well.

mom style 2

From last week –  5 days of my actual outfits.


Monday – Old Navy plaid shirt, ON skinnies, Frye boots, anthropologie watch


Tuesday – ON skinnies, gap long sleeve tee, oversized cape/hooded sweater, BDG boots


Wednesday- Target sweater, ON floral button up, skinnies, jcrew macalister wedge boots (surprisingly comfy, did the library target, and the grocery store in these no problem)


Thursday – Gap sweater, Urban outfitter tee, ON black skinnies, thrifted motorcycle boots. not crazy about this one.

Friday and Saturday were kinda boring. It snowed.

and Sunday


ON skinny cords, ON tunic sweater, BDG ankle boots, gap infinity jersey scarf

You know, not bad. Maybe  I should try more accessories? Better than yoga pants at least. I think I’ve been reading too many blogs – kind of seeing too much as it were. I have too many images of well coifed, highly edited and styled models rattling around in my head to feel a ton of inspiration when I open my closet. So much of what I see on style blogs is really not appropriate for real life mom-wear, know what I mean? Lots of heels and Jcrew collection and chiffon – lovely and wonderful, but not always compatible with chasing a two year old and walking the dog – sort of like watching clips from fashion week that show people teetering around in heels through the snow – they just look silly to me. This blog does it right though – and I’m really looking forward to the destroyed denim I ordered last week too.

Happy Monday!

ps. My friend Kristin has amazing pictures of her trip to Morocco here.

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