easy splat mat.

Lately Lucinda has been super obsessed with markers after I finally broke down and let her open some we got as a party favor. I thought it would be fun to make a little play mat that we could pull out when she wants to let her creative spirit run messy wild.

IMG_3811I picked up a scrap of pretty oilcloth at my local fabric store – it was just about a yard -for $8. There are tons of Etsy shops devoted to oilcloth products, but this is a really easy project to make yourself.

IMG_3815My assistant helped me bind the edges with some brightly colored duct tape that coordinates with with the colors of the oil cloth. I didn’t even trim the edges. Seriously the easiest diy ever. Just lay half the tape over the edge and fold. I suppose if you wanted to get fancy you could trim it with fabric and sew it on, but that sounds like a lot of work. The purpose of this mat is to be wiped off so I thought the tape would work perfectly. The total cost of this project ( a yard of oilcloth and colored duct tape) was $12 bucks.


Now my wee artist has a devoted place to make messes that easily wipes clean. It folds up easily (I store it in her play kitchen) and could probably withstand being rinsed off in the sink if I needed to.  I may need to since I got her  a paint set for upcoming SECOND BIRTHDAY (oh my god how is that already happening?) This would be a great gift for a new mom since it could slide right under a highchair. You can find tons of different oilcloth fabrics here. I like the vintage appeal of the pattern – very sweet.

Have a fantastic weekend! We are celebrating Lucy’s birthday on Sunday so I’m going to furiously clean and maybe finish painting the porch today? (harrumph. I hate painting.)

xo- H

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