the summer closet

Dreaming of summer
1. A pretty zig zag print maxi dress from the Gap.
2. An inexpensive denim jacket from Old Navy
3. Folding Wayfarers = travel size iconic cool. Cheap on Amazon
4. A pretty two tone satchel from Madewell.
5. Glorious clog sandals from Nina Z. I pre-ordered these, I love them so much.
I expect to be wearing some variation of this outfit all summer long. Lucy has been asking to go to the beach all week, which is strange because it’s been 45 degrees and raining. Soon baby girl. So soon…
xoxo – H
ps. The bombing at the Boston Marathon is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and courageous first responders.

Warby Parker Home Try On

Do you know about Warby Parker? It’s a mostly online optical company with a few locations (Chicago has one, but I’m a lazybones.) They offer a home try on service that’s free. You can pick up to five frames, they send them to you, you can try them on at home and then send them back and order the ones you want. There’s no obligation to order and it’s free. Did I mention that all the frames with prescription lenses are $95? That’s amazing right? I think my last pair were about $250 and had no special coatings. The Warby Parker cost includes an anti reflective coating. If you have coke bottle lenses (ahem, Pk) you can upgrade for a small fee to super thin lenses.Even better, with every pair purchased Warby Parker donates one to someone in need (a la Tom’s one for one.) So, I decided to try a few out. I don’t technically need new glasses, but it’s nice to have options right? Want to help me choose?

Here are my current glasses. I’m one of those annoying people who barely has a prescription, but I like to wear them at night, when driving. Or when I want to look extra smart. These are Dolce&Gabbana (ooooh la la.)


Here are the 5 options from Warby Parker. Try not to laugh, some of them look bananas. Luckily they have a few frames suited for smaller faces. You can search for frames by width which is extremely helpful.

1. Colton in Whiskey Tortoise

.coltonwhiskey tortoise

2. Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise


3. Linwood in Revolver black

linwood revolver black

4.  Beckett Striped Chestnut


5.Chandler in Olivewood


I know which one is my fave, but I’m curious what you guys think (psssst. the Linwood right? #3 dont you think?) Should I send away for another set to try on or do we have a winner? Honestly folks, from now on I’m just going to get my prescription from my regular doc and then order from Warby Parker – the convenience and additional bonus of donating a pair really makes this a no brainer. I will say though, the styles tend toward trendy hipster glasses, so if you’re someone who prefers a wire rim or rimless spectacle these may not work for you (also, no bifocals.) Have you guys ever ordered glasses online?

Hope you having a fantastic week!

xx- H

PS. They also offer this service in Canada for a smidge more moola for those of you that live in the great white north (ooooh that reminds me, when is Game of Thrones back on?)

PPS. They are more expensive, but there is another online specs store called Rivet & Sway that is exclusively for ladies. They offer a similar home try on.

on the hunt for…

an office chair. Our little playroom/office combo is almost finished and I’ve quickly come to realize that the Ikea Gilbert dining chair just isn’t cutting it as an office chair. For one, it doesn’t swivel and I’m also not crazy about the look. Here are a few options I’m considering from Target. Click the picks for links.

This guy, from Target. OH my GOD IT’S SO CHEAP. $32 bucks.


It’s probably not very comfortable though, and since I share this chair with Pk I need to find something we both like. It would be great for a kids room.


I REALLY like this one. It’s acrylic and since this is a tiny room, it might be nice to keep the look quite light. It also has armrests – a bonus. $151 isn’t bad for an office chair that lifts and swivels. I’m a little on the fence about how modern it is. It might look awesome and eclectic with our industrial desk, or it might just look crazy.

Finally – these guys, TOO by BLu Dot for Target.


I’m not crazy about the upholstered ones. I like the walnut one, but the white-washed one is pretty too.

14129574_120722043000 14129575_120722043000

I also like the white base which would go with all the expedit pieces we have in the room. I could add a cushion or a sheepskin to make it more cozy. You know, like she did.


What do you like? Keep in mind, it’s going here. (sorry for the crap iphone pic)



This rug will be in there too.

Also, the chair of my dreams is currently a floor sample at my local Design Within Reach for 20% off.


Which means it’s still over $2,ooo.oo Ha. They should win an award for most ironic store name.

I did spot one on craigslist though.


I know having it re-upholstered would be at least $500 bucks. Since it’s $400 already I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

What do you guys think? Any good sources for office chairs that I’m missing? I didn’t have much luck with the usual suspects (C&B, Ikea, West Elm, etc.) I’d like to spend less than $500. Am I crazy for not grabbing that vintage Eames chair?

Hope you are having a great week!


Zara Home Kids

There’s been a whole lot of excitement in the blogosphere about the Zara Home collection. It’s finally available in the US (yippee!) I was even more excited (and impressed with) their kids home collection.

Some of my favorites…

bosque bedding

tuft decorative quilt

elephant apron, star bibs

fiesta organizer, tea time pillow

I’d say the prices fall into the medium category.  I’d probably wait to see if these went on sale, but some of the patterns are pretty darling and potentially worth full price. What are your favorites?


Sofa talk.

Let’s pretend that you wanted to buy a new linen slip-covered sofa.

In this pretend world, you’d be filthy rich, and you could buy this one from Restoration Hardware for $5300 or so dollars.

If, even in fantasy world, that’s too expensive, you could look at this one from Potterybarn. It’s not a sectional or a sleeper, but it’s available in Linen for only $2699. A bargain!

If that price was a little too steep you could look at this other great slip covered option from Crate and Barrel that’s also a queen sleeper. It’s a steal for $2099 bucks. It’s not linen, but instead, durable cotton.

My friends, this is not fantasy land, and there is no way I’m spending two grand on a couch anytime soon. The thing is, we already have an awesome couch. It’s the Ikea Manstad – the super versatile, well propertioned, loved by small space dwellers everywhere wonder sofa. Also, it’s only $799. I think we actually paid $699 when we bought ours two years ago, but I could be wrong. We love this sofa so much that we convinced my brother and my sister to buy it.




Here’s the thing. It’s not slip-covered and it’s looking pretty disgusting. In fact, its so gross that I refuse to show a picture of it on the blog, except this one, in which you only see it from a distance. All the spot cleaning in the world will not save this thing.  Houses with sticky messy toddlers and pets need slipcovers. It’s true. So, I bit the bullet and just ordered this thing of beauty from Comfortworks.




I seriously could not be more excited about this slip-cover. I had originally looked at these ones from Bemz, but decided that I like the looser fit that the Comfortworks ones offer. It’s a little expensive as slipcovers go, but this is not just a cheap big box store, one size fits all cover. It’s a custom made, upholstery quality linen cover. Even if you add the original cost of our sofa and the slipcover, it’s still less than the options above, and we get a sectional, sofa bed and slip-covered sofa all in one. Because it’s custom it won’t be here for another month, but I truly don’t mind waiting. I will finally have a sofa that I’m not embarrassed to let people sit on.

Hope you all are well,


this is real purty.

I can’t stop thinking about this whimsical wallpaper mural I spotted on Anthropologie’s website.

It’s by the artist Rebecca Rebouche. I think it would be totally perfect in a child’s playroom. It would be an amazing backdrop for creative play,  inspired by the dreamy landscape she’s created.


Anthropologie also is carrying a dinnerware line based on her work and I love the saturated colors. They are lovely (and on sale!)

Find more of her work in her Etsy store.

Lucy’s Room, part deux

This weekend, Peter and I stumbled upon an fantastic thrifty find – a gorgeous metal antique twin bed frame. It will be perfect for Lucy’s big girl bed, and the price was definitely right at $65.

Yes, this picture was taken on our still unfinished porch. No,I don’t want to talk about it.

Really it’s just a headboard and a foot board, because the owner of the shop misplaced the rails (darn!) but I think we will be able to attach them to a standard metal bed frame. I think it’s brass but I’m not sure…

It’s got loads of character, and I especially love that it has casters.

I’ve been thinking about transitioning Lucy to a bigger bed for a while now, in the hopes that it will help her stay in her own bed for more of the night. She hates sleeping in her crib, and as soon as she stirs and realizes she is in her crib, she immediately calls out to us. I love co-sleeping, but maybe this way I can snuggle in her bed instead and we can wake up Peter less? Hopefully. I don’t think I’ll need to change much else in her room, but I’ll probably want to update a few accessories.

I’d love to get this quilt and sham that I saw on Ohdeedoh last week, but it looks like it’s no longer available on the Garnet Hill website.

Any suggestions for where to find cute twin bedding? Am I crazy for trying to move her into a twin bed already? We will definitely use a bed rail to keep her from rolling out of bed.


in just spring…

Is it spring where you are?

It’s a strange and wonderful warm week here in the midwest. Never before have I spent Saint Patrick’s Day at the beach. We picnicked with friends and soaked up some rays. It was absolutely balm for my lonely soul. It was amazing to see how enthralled Lucy was by the beach.

Lucy is equally enthralled by her new baby Chucks. She requests them everyday by grabbing them out of the shoe basket and trying to put them on.

The warm weather inspired me to look for some new couch cushions and I stumbled upon this one at World Market.

 I like the little pops of pink and navy blue. It feels like a good bright pattern for spring and summer, but the colors are still really rich and saturated. I love the navy and pink combo. It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but while our kitchen project is dragging along I’m looking for a little pick me up.

I haven’t actually taken it out of the bag though because our Ikea Manstad sofa is in rough shape and in serious need of a deep cleaning. I found a fantastic website that makes slipcovers for Ikea pieces (even ones like ours that didn’t originally come with them) call bemz. It’s cheaper than buying a new sofa and being able to wash the slipcover would be a dream come true in this (dirty) house. We are definitely not at a time in our lives where buying a new sofa makes sense.

I think a neutral cotton would be the best (and least expensive) option. There are sooooo many choices though, and quite a few trendy prints if you are feeling adventurous.

Our kitchen is moving along. The base cabinets are in, countertops have been measured and ordered, and  the rest of the trim is going in this week. Hopefully I’ll have more pictures soon. It’s gonna look amazing.

Hope you all are well. My mister is coming home tomorrow and I’m so, so, so excited to see him.



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