Inspiring bedrooms and…the apocalypse is coming.

I’ve been working a little bit on our bedroom, in those rare quiet moments when Lucy isn’t demanding every ounce of my attention. I decided to do a roundup of rooms that really get me going to make sure my eye is tuned to what I like (not just what I think I should like!) Here’s a few that I adore…


via House and Home


via Lonny


via Country Living


jenna lyons former bedroom


Alice Lane Home

What these rooms all have in common is a very simple color palette. They have tons of texture and variety (leather, linen, sisal, metal!), but they also have a little bit of restrained elegance – none of them are very over the top. Black, white, grey, varied wood tones, and hints of gold. Hopefully I can incorporate a few of those qualities in our space too.

ps. It was 63° here today. IT’S JANUARY. The high on thursday is supposed to be 10°! Totally and utterly bizarre.

Lessons from Angelina Ballerina

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately; why I do it, why I read so many, and how they influence me. I was chatting with a good friend (Kristin from Chou Pommé) about the kind of blogs we like to read and why and the main factor seemed to be the person and personality behind the blog, not necessarily the “coolness” of the blog. I read TONS of different blogs and lately I’ve realized that some of them just don’t hold my attention any more, but yet I still consume them daily. Some of the blogs I love the most seem almost effortlessly written and put together, but I realize, with a little help from Miss Mimi (see video above), that those bloggers are working really hard to create original and thought provoking content. I think a lot of bloggers feel pressure to post every day and I think it sometimes shows. I like seeing curated lists from different style bloggers, contributor posts, sponsored posts, etc. but I sometimes feel like it’s all I see, when I used to read that person’s blog for a glimpse into their life and thoughts. I realize too that my own blog is a little, well, flat. I think that my writing is a little stilted – I’m not sure if it’s because I’m concerned about my real life readers (hi mom!) or because I just haven’t really found my own voice, as it were.

I blog because I like to have a place to collect my thoughts, and to document this really awesome time in our lives. Raising Lucy, fixing up this little house, and going through the journey of building a family. As I approach my 30th (omg!) birthday – I also think the blog is way for me to think about ideas of womanhood – being a wife, mother, a grown-up. Sometimes that means posting about our house, infertility, our dog, trying to have an adult wardrobe… it’s all a part of the process for me and I want my voice to be clear throughout. I want my blog to be an honest, positive space and not a den of negativity and frustration (ie “my husband is always traveling! I’m a lonely SAHM!”. So, I’m going to try to do a better job at writing from my heart and being more brave (both in writing and living.) I think that this blog should still be a space where I collect the thoughts, projects, things, and ideas that inspire me – sometimes that’s posting a list of stuff, other times its documenting the little nonsense things my 2 year old says. That’s not to mean I won’t use it as an occasional space to vent (we all need that!), but I wan’t to make sure it isn’t only that. I want to make sure that this blog and the others I read are sources of inspiration and engagement, not just something to passively consume.

For those bloggers who are already creatively maintaining that fine balance between personal and public, creative and contrived  – I realize now that “making it look easy is not as easy as it looks.” Thank you for inspiring me and your other readers with your words.

Ooof. That’s enough navel gazing for now.

Have a fantastic weekend!


on the hunt for…

an office chair. Our little playroom/office combo is almost finished and I’ve quickly come to realize that the Ikea Gilbert dining chair just isn’t cutting it as an office chair. For one, it doesn’t swivel and I’m also not crazy about the look. Here are a few options I’m considering from Target. Click the picks for links.

This guy, from Target. OH my GOD IT’S SO CHEAP. $32 bucks.


It’s probably not very comfortable though, and since I share this chair with Pk I need to find something we both like. It would be great for a kids room.


I REALLY like this one. It’s acrylic and since this is a tiny room, it might be nice to keep the look quite light. It also has armrests – a bonus. $151 isn’t bad for an office chair that lifts and swivels. I’m a little on the fence about how modern it is. It might look awesome and eclectic with our industrial desk, or it might just look crazy.

Finally – these guys, TOO by BLu Dot for Target.


I’m not crazy about the upholstered ones. I like the walnut one, but the white-washed one is pretty too.

14129574_120722043000 14129575_120722043000

I also like the white base which would go with all the expedit pieces we have in the room. I could add a cushion or a sheepskin to make it more cozy. You know, like she did.


What do you like? Keep in mind, it’s going here. (sorry for the crap iphone pic)



This rug will be in there too.

Also, the chair of my dreams is currently a floor sample at my local Design Within Reach for 20% off.


Which means it’s still over $2,ooo.oo Ha. They should win an award for most ironic store name.

I did spot one on craigslist though.


I know having it re-upholstered would be at least $500 bucks. Since it’s $400 already I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

What do you guys think? Any good sources for office chairs that I’m missing? I didn’t have much luck with the usual suspects (C&B, Ikea, West Elm, etc.) I’d like to spend less than $500. Am I crazy for not grabbing that vintage Eames chair?

Hope you are having a great week!


Zara Home Kids

There’s been a whole lot of excitement in the blogosphere about the Zara Home collection. It’s finally available in the US (yippee!) I was even more excited (and impressed with) their kids home collection.

Some of my favorites…

bosque bedding

tuft decorative quilt

elephant apron, star bibs

fiesta organizer, tea time pillow

I’d say the prices fall into the medium category.  I’d probably wait to see if these went on sale, but some of the patterns are pretty darling and potentially worth full price. What are your favorites?


inspired by…

this gorgeous (and small!) house featured in the October issue Elle Decor. It’s the weekend home of Frank Muytjens of J. Crew Men’s Design.



I love how light and warm the space feels, the excellently curated collection of art, the gorgeous, faintly industrial and masculine feel, the muted palette, etc. I could keep listing things I like, but I think the images speak for themselves.




all images via Elle Decor

I only wish there were more pictures. This looks like just the house to have a long relaxing vacation in. Have a fantastic weekend!



So. Here’s what I’m thinking about for the sunroom. This space truly has to be shared because we are in desperate need of a devoted place for all of Lucinda’s toys as well as a home office. We’ll be packing a whole lot of function into a space that’s only 8×12 feet.  The thought of Lucy having a specific space for all her toys makes me want to do a happy dance since they are currently spread over every.square.inch. of this house. Here’s the plan.
1. We need an expedit shelving unit for toy storage. Badly. I saw one posted on craigslist but missed it, so it looks like I’ll be dragging us to Ikea sometime soon.
2. Dudes. This fixture is amazing. I’ve had my eye on this one from Restoration Hardware, but there is no way I’m paying $500 bones for it. I found this satin finish brass one on ebay for about $80 bucks. It doesn’t include bulbs, but since I wanted Edison bulbs anyway I’m totally ok with that. Also, brass makes me happy.
3. I like a lateral file cabinet because it gives us a surface to put the printer on. I found a floor sample with similar lines to the one above at office max for $80 bucks. It’s black and a little beat up, but it’s nothing a little white paint won’t help.
4. Our desk has a weathered grey finish, because we found it in the workshop of our previous house. This image is just an approximation. I love the super textured look of the table, but I probably need to get a piece of glass cut for the top for a smooth work surface. We have a white gilbert chair from Ikea that’s pretty comfortable, for now.
5.This indoor/outdoor Dash and Albert rug would be perfect for a play room since it can be hosed off. I’m digging the stripes.
6. A friend gave us an amazing round yellow play table that was originally her mother’s(!) It’s got great character and is a perfect size. Bonus, it’s solid wood. The chair is from Room and Board.
7.Remember Lucy’s thrifty play kitchen? It will move in here too. I’ve always loved this one from Ikea though.
I know it’s a little lacking in color, but I have a feeling that Lucy’s toys will add a ton of whimsy to the room.We still need to paint, finish the crown, and trim out the newly revealed window (or replace them all) but I feel optimistic that this room is going to seriously increase how well our first floor functions.
Also, a big thanks to Dana over at House*Tweaking. She did an excellent tutorial for using Polyvore to create moodboards. I’ve used Olioboard before, but really like some of the additional features that Polyvore offers. Thanks Dana!
Have a great weekend!

living room update

We’re done painting the living room and we’ve moved on to the sunroom (just beyond the doorway in the pic below.)

Sean started by removing the old base to replace it with the taller base we put in the living room.

Here’s the view from the sunroom back into the living room.

For some reason, the previous owners of this house had drywalled over one of the windows in this room. I’m guessing they used it as a tv room?

This room used to hold all of our bookcases and desk, but it wasn’t really functional. The plan now is to turn it into a playroom/office.

So much brighter and lighter! The new taller base looks better too.

Unfortunately my floors aren’t looking too hot right now.

I know it’s only temporary, but the dust is making me a little crabby. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning but the house is still a disaster! Another thing that’s bugging me is the windows. The more gorgeous trim we install, the worse our ugly old vinyl windows look, so I’m hoping we can at least get a few new windows installed this fall. The long term plan is to replace all the windows in the house, starting with the first floor. In the meanwhile, I’m on the hunt for a few file cabinets for this room and some kind of toy storage unit (maybe this one from Ikea?) Hope y’all had a nice weekend!


running is hard.

It’s not pretty when I do it either.


The thing is, it’s a fantastically convenient form of exercise for a mom and toddler. Lucinda goes in her BOB stroller, I lace up my shoes, and we’re off. No excuses.

Sometimes, if this one isn’t acting a fool, she comes with us.

Now, I’m not running marathons or breaking speed records, in fact, it’s probably generous calling what I do running at all. My runs  always start off stiff and painful, grinding out each step and pushing myself to keep going just one more block, but somewhere about halfway through I stop thinking about the act of running and more about how good it feels to let my heart pump and gasp breathe fresh air. Since I started running again a couple months ago I just feel generally better; less guilty about not always eating well, more energetic, and more connected to my body instead of mad at it. So, if you see me around town, red faced and cursing quietly so as not to wake the baby while stumbling up hill, don’t laugh (at least not loud enough for me to hear!) Wave hello and cheer me on!

Lightening up.

Today I’m trying to pick new paint for the living room and sharing a sneak peak of the new trim (loving it!) There was no crown molding and we replaced the very basic door trim with casing and small crown.


It’s obviously hard to judge such subtle differences in color on your computer, but do you guys have any thoughts? I’m leaning towards Canyon Cloud, but I could be convinced that Ivory Mist was the way to go. Canyon Cloud is less fleshy than the Linen White and it’s definitely lighter than our existing paint color that you can see on the right side of the first pic. I basically want an ivory or cream color to provide a little contrast for our bright white glossy trim while keeping the room as light as possible.

I still haven’t settled on a paint-plan for the porch either. I hate painting. I know, I know, DIY-ers and home renovators are supposed to love painting and I do love its transformative power, I just hate actually painting. Any suggestions for fabulous white paint?

Hope you all are well,


Lucy’s Room, part deux

This weekend, Peter and I stumbled upon an fantastic thrifty find – a gorgeous metal antique twin bed frame. It will be perfect for Lucy’s big girl bed, and the price was definitely right at $65.

Yes, this picture was taken on our still unfinished porch. No,I don’t want to talk about it.

Really it’s just a headboard and a foot board, because the owner of the shop misplaced the rails (darn!) but I think we will be able to attach them to a standard metal bed frame. I think it’s brass but I’m not sure…

It’s got loads of character, and I especially love that it has casters.

I’ve been thinking about transitioning Lucy to a bigger bed for a while now, in the hopes that it will help her stay in her own bed for more of the night. She hates sleeping in her crib, and as soon as she stirs and realizes she is in her crib, she immediately calls out to us. I love co-sleeping, but maybe this way I can snuggle in her bed instead and we can wake up Peter less? Hopefully. I don’t think I’ll need to change much else in her room, but I’ll probably want to update a few accessories.

I’d love to get this quilt and sham that I saw on Ohdeedoh last week, but it looks like it’s no longer available on the Garnet Hill website.

Any suggestions for where to find cute twin bedding? Am I crazy for trying to move her into a twin bed already? We will definitely use a bed rail to keep her from rolling out of bed.


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