So. Here’s what I’m thinking about for the sunroom. This space truly has to be shared because we are in desperate need of a devoted place for all of Lucinda’s toys as well as a home office. We’ll be packing a whole lot of function into a space that’s only 8×12 feet.  The thought of Lucy having a specific space for all her toys makes me want to do a happy dance since they are currently spread over every.square.inch. of this house. Here’s the plan.
1. We need an expedit shelving unit for toy storage. Badly. I saw one posted on craigslist but missed it, so it looks like I’ll be dragging us to Ikea sometime soon.
2. Dudes. This fixture is amazing. I’ve had my eye on this one from Restoration Hardware, but there is no way I’m paying $500 bones for it. I found this satin finish brass one on ebay for about $80 bucks. It doesn’t include bulbs, but since I wanted Edison bulbs anyway I’m totally ok with that. Also, brass makes me happy.
3. I like a lateral file cabinet because it gives us a surface to put the printer on. I found a floor sample with similar lines to the one above at office max for $80 bucks. It’s black and a little beat up, but it’s nothing a little white paint won’t help.
4. Our desk has a weathered grey finish, because we found it in the workshop of our previous house. This image is just an approximation. I love the super textured look of the table, but I probably need to get a piece of glass cut for the top for a smooth work surface. We have a white gilbert chair from Ikea that’s pretty comfortable, for now.
5.This indoor/outdoor Dash and Albert rug would be perfect for a play room since it can be hosed off. I’m digging the stripes.
6. A friend gave us an amazing round yellow play table that was originally her mother’s(!) It’s got great character and is a perfect size. Bonus, it’s solid wood. The chair is from Room and Board.
7.Remember Lucy’s thrifty play kitchen? It will move in here too. I’ve always loved this one from Ikea though.
I know it’s a little lacking in color, but I have a feeling that Lucy’s toys will add a ton of whimsy to the room.We still need to paint, finish the crown, and trim out the newly revealed window (or replace them all) but I feel optimistic that this room is going to seriously increase how well our first floor functions.
Also, a big thanks to Dana over at House*Tweaking. She did an excellent tutorial for using Polyvore to create moodboards. I’ve used Olioboard before, but really like some of the additional features that Polyvore offers. Thanks Dana!
Have a great weekend!

living room update

We’re done painting the living room and we’ve moved on to the sunroom (just beyond the doorway in the pic below.)

Sean started by removing the old base to replace it with the taller base we put in the living room.

Here’s the view from the sunroom back into the living room.

For some reason, the previous owners of this house had drywalled over one of the windows in this room. I’m guessing they used it as a tv room?

This room used to hold all of our bookcases and desk, but it wasn’t really functional. The plan now is to turn it into a playroom/office.

So much brighter and lighter! The new taller base looks better too.

Unfortunately my floors aren’t looking too hot right now.

I know it’s only temporary, but the dust is making me a little crabby. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning but the house is still a disaster! Another thing that’s bugging me is the windows. The more gorgeous trim we install, the worse our ugly old vinyl windows look, so I’m hoping we can at least get a few new windows installed this fall. The long term plan is to replace all the windows in the house, starting with the first floor. In the meanwhile, I’m on the hunt for a few file cabinets for this room and some kind of toy storage unit (maybe this one from Ikea?) Hope y’all had a nice weekend!


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