One tidy corner.

It took me a while to realize that this Ikea Expedit unit wasn’t working in our playroom. It was too wide for the space, and I had a tendency to just shove stuff in it in such a way that Lucy couldn’t really see what toys and books were hiding in its depths. Most of the books were out of her reach and she was often tempted to climb up and get them (yikes!) A few months ago I picked up some of these ledges at Ikea so I could face the books out, and I planned to add some totes underneath so more of her toys would be accessible. Pk cut them to size and hung them for me after a few weeks of pestering gentle reminders.IMG_4773IMG_4774

Ta da! A somewhat tidy corner with a lovely display of books.IMG_4782

I’ve moved the fragile books out of reach and kept sturdier board books on the bottom. A little bin next to the play kitchen holds all of Lucy’s favorite ( ie read daily) books. I initially thought I would need to buy a few totes for toy storage but then remembered that we had this hand me down doll cradle which works perfectly to corral Lucy’s growing stuffed animal collection. Her blue walker/doll stroller finally has a parking space too (and works conveniently as tutu storage.) We still have one Expedit unit in this tiny room, but two was one too many. I did a huge toy purge and put a ton of toys in storage to use if we have  another little one – or donate if we don’t. There were so many that she just wasn’t playing with anymore and I wanted to leave room for new toys that seem to appear when I’m not paying attention.IMG_4779

The room just feels a lot more balanced now too, and bigger. I’d love to show you the other side, but didn’t have the energy to tidy my desk (womp womp.) There are still a few things to do in here – the window above the play kitchen that was buried in drywall still needs to be replaced, along with all the other windows in the house – and my file cabinet needs some touch up paint. Overall though, I’m so happy with this sun room – Lucy can amuse herself while I blog or pay bills and all her toys can pretty much be contained in this area. I would still love,love,love to finish our basement so I can move most of the toys down there, but for now this sunny space works great as a playroom.

Any little improvement projects going on at your place?




These trains are our frequent dinner guests.


this kid has really learned to ham it up for the camera.


tiny dancers.


did I mention she’s a ham? Also, I bought the Eames chair.


I have no regrets, but man the eighties fabric is ugly! I’ve sent out some emails to get some quotes for the cost of reupholstery. Any recommendations in the Chicago area?  I also just realized why the fabric is so familiar. It’s the exact same chair that Nicole got for her office. It’s super comfortable, and luckily, the previous owner had replaced the cushions. It’s extra squishy.

Have a great weekend!



on the hunt for…

an office chair. Our little playroom/office combo is almost finished and I’ve quickly come to realize that the Ikea Gilbert dining chair just isn’t cutting it as an office chair. For one, it doesn’t swivel and I’m also not crazy about the look. Here are a few options I’m considering from Target. Click the picks for links.

This guy, from Target. OH my GOD IT’S SO CHEAP. $32 bucks.


It’s probably not very comfortable though, and since I share this chair with Pk I need to find something we both like. It would be great for a kids room.


I REALLY like this one. It’s acrylic and since this is a tiny room, it might be nice to keep the look quite light. It also has armrests – a bonus. $151 isn’t bad for an office chair that lifts and swivels. I’m a little on the fence about how modern it is. It might look awesome and eclectic with our industrial desk, or it might just look crazy.

Finally – these guys, TOO by BLu Dot for Target.


I’m not crazy about the upholstered ones. I like the walnut one, but the white-washed one is pretty too.

14129574_120722043000 14129575_120722043000

I also like the white base which would go with all the expedit pieces we have in the room. I could add a cushion or a sheepskin to make it more cozy. You know, like she did.


What do you like? Keep in mind, it’s going here. (sorry for the crap iphone pic)



This rug will be in there too.

Also, the chair of my dreams is currently a floor sample at my local Design Within Reach for 20% off.


Which means it’s still over $2,ooo.oo Ha. They should win an award for most ironic store name.

I did spot one on craigslist though.


I know having it re-upholstered would be at least $500 bucks. Since it’s $400 already I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.

What do you guys think? Any good sources for office chairs that I’m missing? I didn’t have much luck with the usual suspects (C&B, Ikea, West Elm, etc.) I’d like to spend less than $500. Am I crazy for not grabbing that vintage Eames chair?

Hope you are having a great week!


quiet afternoon…

Lucy napping on the couch. You can see the new slipcover(!) more on that later…

My mom sent Lucy this easel. It fits perfectly in the corner of the office/playroom. I promise I’ll share the rest of that room soon! Just a few more details to pull together…

Maya gets the other side of the couch. It’s hard work guarding the house when Pk is out of town…

Hermione resents having her photo taken.

I just picked up this vanilla/peppermint candle from Whole Foods. It smells unbelievably good, and was not expensive.

My new favorite boots from Urban Outfitter. Click the pic for a link.

Late lunch/snack – fresh baguette, goat cheese, and figs drizzled with a little fig-balsamic vinaigrette.

I love these peaceful moments. We had a fantastic playdate this morning and Lucy Faye tuckered herself out. I should be painting the porch, or covering buttons so I can reupholster our ottoman, but instead I’m drinking in the quiet. I know in a few moments she’ll wake up and the never ending pile of laundry will need putting away; but gosh. I’m so lucky to have this amazing family and home. I feel like the luckiest girl on earth sometimes.

Happy Friday


Playroom progress

You know you’re classy when this is the light fixture for one of the main rooms in your house. Nothing says fancy like a partially disassembled builder grade ceiling fan hanging from the ceiling by a hope and a prayer.

So, so, so much better. This is the fixture that I found on Ebay and mentioned here. I LOVE IT. It definitely classes up the joint. I initially thought I would spray paint it to look more like this one, but I actually really like the satin brass finish. The scale is perfect for our small office/play room and it provides the perfect amount of light. Over the weekend my bestest friend forever from childhood came for a visit and helped me power through a ton of little projects around the house, including this one. Not only was she a fabulous assistant with a keen eye for design, but she also was an impressive baby wrangler.

She left on Saturday, but Lucy has been talking about her all day today. It was so great to see her, and to have an extra set of hands around to help get that long list taken care of. I can’t wait to show you everything else we did, but I just wanted to say that there is nothing like spending time with someone who has known you almost your whole life. I feel so lucky that we’re still in touch as (kind-of) grown-ups. Love you Fraser!

Hope you all had a great weekend,


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