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Guys. Lucy and I got massively smacked down by what I’m calling the plague this week. Sore throats, headaches, Niagara noses – you name it; we’ve got it. I had every intention of writing thoughtful posts  about many different things but right now my brain is operating at minimum capacity (truly – I watched like six hours of Bravo last night – if that’s not evidence of desperation illness, I don’t know what is.) Instead I’ll share a few picks of some little changes around our house for spring.

Kitchen/Dining area curtains BEFORE


Kitchen Dining area curtains AFTER

IMG_4807Big surprise – I changed them back to white and used the Aina curtains from Ikea. I also hung the rod almost at the ceiling to make the window feel bigger. It looks so much cleaner and crisper now. I love those Anthropologie curtains, but I was feeling a lighter look for spring. Bonus – now the light fixture really stands out.

Kitchen Rug BEFORE


Kitchen rug AFTER

IMG_4815It’s kind of nice to lose the red -but  I love, love, love the other rug and will probably bring it back out next fall. This striped rug, also from pottery barn, feels nice and a little preppy. This one looks like it’s sold out online but this one is similar.

Bathroom curtain and rug BEFORE


Bathroom Curtain and Rug AFTER

IMG_4813So nice and bright! The wild floral shower curtain is from Pottery Barn also, and coordinates much better with the pink stool I sit on while miss Lucy takes a bath. I already had the white bath rug which collects much less animal hair  than the black rag ones I had before (YUCK!)

I added a pretty potted fern to our living room. I love having a little burst of greenery inside –


Lets see, what else – oh! In case you thought I’m the only one obsessed with Japanese Animation films, here is evidence to the contrary. I’m thinking about getting this print for Lucy’s room.

That’s all. Hope you feel better than I do!


ps. Here is an elegant piece from Salon written by the film critic Roger Ebert, who passed away today. RIP.

p.p.s. I start shots for our 2nd fresh IVF cycle tonight – if all goes well (and that’s a big if) I’ll be injecting myself with needles everyday for the next 3 months!

Scenes from around here.

IMG_4018Lucy is loving her bike, but hasn’t yet mastered the concept of pushing the pedals. I think we need to get this tricycle to save my back!

IMG_4789I picked up a pretty Easter wreath at Target.

IMG_4798We’re on a big Mayazaki/ Studio Ghibli kick around here. Lucy’s favorite is My Neighbor Totoro, mine is Kiki’s Delivery Service.IMG_3775IMG_4788 I’ve babysat my little brother a few times in the last couple weeks. Lucy adores him and asks for him all the time. I think its part of her obsession with older kids. Calvin is 5 now (so grownup!) and she just can’t get enough of him. He was wearing these super dapper leather sneakers  (similar here) when he came over last night.

IMG_3984These two are adorable together – on the weekends Pk has been toting Lucy along while he runs errands. They also go swimming together so that I can have a little alone time – it’s blissful, and great to see them developing their own relationship. Sometimes Lucy cries on Monday mornings when she realizes Pk is at work. Me too little girl. Me too.

Sorry for my lack of posting this past week. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and, frankly, a little down. I’m not sure if it’s the endlessly cold weather, or what I think might be an ulcer developing – but I just haven’t really gotten it together to write an inspired post.  I have to take birth control prior to our IVF cycle and I think one of the side effects I’m feeling is depression. I took birth control briefly in college and totally remember feeling this way – only another week or so more of it and then I switch to the big guns (ie – injectable hormone repressing and stimulating drugs, yippee!) I’ve been feeling kind of… I don’t know, resentful (?) that we have to go through IVF again. It’s not a good mindset to be in, but after talking with Pk a lot this weekend I feel much more positive about it – grateful, in fact, that we even have the opportunity and resource to try again.  If we lived in a different time I potentially would have never been a mom – I’m so grateful for modern medicine! I think I’m finally feeling a bit more on the up and up  and the fact that the temperature might creep above 35 today certainly helps. I’m consciously choosing to be excited about it instead of stressed ( which will hopefully help my gut out right? Are you listening ulcer?)

Even though the groundhog lied, I hope you all are doing well and that it’s warm where you are.

xoxo H

prep work.



So Pk and I are gearing up for another round fertility treatments (have I mentioned that? Like 5 or 6 times…) also, it’s Lent so we’ve decided to give up wine. Frankly, we’re not really keeping up the ritual for religious reasons, but more because I think we were both feeling a little… I don’t know, gluttonous? We boozed it up a lot over the holiday season. We are habitual wine drinkers and while I have no plans to stop drinking wine forever (heavens no!) I’m kind of hoping I have to give it up for at least 10 months or so. During our cycle of IVF that resulted in Lucy I was an avid smoothie drinker and so a couple of days ago I picked up this blender  (I just could not stomach the price tag for the vitamix) I considered a juicer, but standing at the sink cleaning out a juicer seems like  a lot of work, not to mention the nutritional benefits of fiber that you don’t get with juicing. So far so good y’all. My Ninja does a mighty job of blending all kinds of vegetable and fruit goodies for me in the morning. I’ve also been adding this green superfood powder (which I also did when we were trying before.)In case that’s not good enough, I use this coconut probiotic drink to smooth out the texture of all that fruit and veg.  I’ve cut back my caffeine consumption quite a bit too – down to 1 cup from 2 or 3. Do I think any of this stuff really works? I don’t know. It does if I believe in it right? At this point in the game, when it’s all just pre-testing, paperwork, and financials, it feels good to do something proactive in the process, and frankly, I feel down right virtuously healthy. Maybe I’ll even dig my running shoes out from the bottom of my closet.*

Hope you all are having good week! Any good smoothie recipes for me?

xo – Helen

* Just kidding. The forecast calls for 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. I’ll get my exercise shoveling while Pk is out of town.


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