Looking forward

I purchased this beautiful  “Language of Flowers” calendar from Etsy after seeing it featured on an Apartment Therapy roundup. It’s by the House that Lars Built.

language of flowers


In Victorian times flowers were used as an elaborate means of communication between lovers, with each blossom meaning something different. It reminded me of a well known book my mom sent me called “The Illuminated Language of Flowers” by the famous 19th century illustrator of children’s books, Kate Greenaway.  This calendar isn’t really practical for writing notes on, but I mostly use a wall calendar as a date reference and, obviously, this is a beautiful thing to hang on the wall.

Are you looking forward to the new year? We had a wonderful holiday, but are all now suffering with a cold. We had our first snowfall last night and Lucy is super excited about playing outside, despite her Niagara nose. I’d much rather stay inside and translate the meaning of those beautifully illustrated flowers.

Hope you all are well, and cozy.


easy splat mat.

Lately Lucinda has been super obsessed with markers after I finally broke down and let her open some we got as a party favor. I thought it would be fun to make a little play mat that we could pull out when she wants to let her creative spirit run messy wild.

IMG_3811I picked up a scrap of pretty oilcloth at my local fabric store – it was just about a yard -for $8. There are tons of Etsy shops devoted to oilcloth products, but this is a really easy project to make yourself.

IMG_3815My assistant helped me bind the edges with some brightly colored duct tape that coordinates with with the colors of the oil cloth. I didn’t even trim the edges. Seriously the easiest diy ever. Just lay half the tape over the edge and fold. I suppose if you wanted to get fancy you could trim it with fabric and sew it on, but that sounds like a lot of work. The purpose of this mat is to be wiped off so I thought the tape would work perfectly. The total cost of this project ( a yard of oilcloth and colored duct tape) was $12 bucks.


Now my wee artist has a devoted place to make messes that easily wipes clean. It folds up easily (I store it in her play kitchen) and could probably withstand being rinsed off in the sink if I needed to.  I may need to since I got her  a paint set for upcoming SECOND BIRTHDAY (oh my god how is that already happening?) This would be a great gift for a new mom since it could slide right under a highchair. You can find tons of different oilcloth fabrics here. I like the vintage appeal of the pattern – very sweet.

Have a fantastic weekend! We are celebrating Lucy’s birthday on Sunday so I’m going to furiously clean and maybe finish painting the porch today? (harrumph. I hate painting.)

xo- H

new artwork in the nursery

I almost hugged my mail-person today. Look what came!

It’s a personalized print from The Penny Paper Co. and I couldn’t  love it more. It’s so cheeky, and entirely true, that I couldn’t resist it. The Penny Paper Co. is an art and stationary company based in Toronto and owned and founded by designer Lindsay Stephenson. She also has an awesome blog that I follow where she chronicles the renovations of her gorgeous house and life with her super cute baby. Her designs are so fresh and adorable. I also got a fantastic personalized address stamp. Did I mention they’re affordable? Even with shipping to the states I feel like I got a fantastic deal on great art and got to support a fellow blogger. Yay!

I ran out to Target and got a frame that matches the others over the changing table. Looking at it in the pic makes me want to hang it just a tad higher. Can you tell I was eager to share? 🙂

While I was there I grabbed a new frame for the print from the Sycamore Street Press that’s across the room. It was in a thick black frame before.

Sorry for the goofy angles on these pics; I was trying to avoid the afternoon glare.

Way better, don’t you think?

Any projects going on at your houses? Lucy’s grandma is coming for a week long visit today so my burgeoning plan to do a little refresh in the upstairs bath is on hold, for now. More on that to come…

kisses – H

Whimsy. I need more of it.

While I was harshing on some images in  La Petite Magazine, I neglected to mention some of what I liked in the current issue. I adored the beautiful spread by the artist Laura Di Francesco

I think her images have a nice mix of whimsy and imagination. They are quite affordable too. I think they would be beautiful framed in a nursery.


While I didn’t adore all the feature shoots in this issue, I really appreciate the inclusion of such amazing handmade illustration. One of the great things about online magazines is the direct way they can link you with a product or artist. Clicking on her images led me directly to her beautiful blog and Etsy shop. amazing. Kudos to La Petite for featuring some excellent, accessible art. Check it out!


Jennifer Allen Ceramics

I wanted to share some images of work by a very talented ceramic artist – Jennifer Allen . Her work blows me away, not because it’s necessarily my style, but because the detail and glaze-work are amazing…

One of the things that I love so much about ceramics is the elevation of mundane objects to works of art. I think her work demonstrates that concept beautifully. It’s a quality I hope for in my own work, although I approach it a bit differently. There is a lovely attention to detail and form in these pieces. It’s not just decoration applied to a vessel; in Jennifer Allen’s work the wheel thrown and altered pot and the intricate glaze work are integral. Her unique handwork translates to the finished piece, lending them a kind of intimacy.

The last paragraph of her artist statement is wonderful.

“Determined to keep “handmade” an essential part of the contemporary home, my ongoing focus is to reinforce personal sentiments of beauty, joy, nourishment and celebration through porcelain tableware. Whether it’s a festive meal shared by many or a cup of hot cocoa indulged by one, I remain motivated by moments when pottery is in use. By making thoughtful, useful handcrafted pottery for the domestic landscape, I am inspired to enhance the home, engage the hand, and nourish the spirit.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

What are you all up to on this rainy Sunday? Pk is filling in the trench to the garage (in the pouring rain no less.) He’s leaving for a week long trip tonight. 4 countries in 7 days. I’m amazed by him. And, of course, terribly lonely when he’s gone. Sigh. Hopefully I can whip this messy house into shape while he’s gone.

xoxo, H




Whenever possible, I try and purchase art from people I know. Mostly it’s because I absolutely love their work and also because I believe in the good karma that comes from artists supporting artists. I just picked up this…

It’s a 2012 calendar from the artists Corina Dross and Josie Mosser. It’s just the right amount of quirk and foreboding, and beautifully illustrated. I love. Get one!

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