more holiday decor…

I had leftovers from making our outdoor planters so I found a few places that needed a little holiday cheer.

I added pine boughs and a some candle light  to our little buffet area. It’s where we keep all our fruit and veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated.

The tealights and candles are flameless versions that I picked up at World Market. I figured that since this area is immediately behind where a certain wiggly inquisitive almost two year old sits, I had better play it safe. Using flameslees candles also means there is no danger of someone singing themselves when they reach for a clementine. They flicker pretty realistically even if the glow is a bit on the orange side. My bananas look so glamorous!!!

Our dining table got a pretty spray of winterberry. I like the little burst of color. My dad bought me that vase from Crate&Barrel a million years ago and I use it all the time.

Our powder room got the last of the greens and a mercury candle pot. I like a scented (real)candle for the bathroom, especially since its right off the dining room. If you know what I’m sayin’. Moving on…

It’s nice to jazz up an everyday space a little bit and, frankly, I needed a little cheering up  today. Lucy has been waking up A LOT at night and then feeling overtired and cranky during the day. It’s mostly because I’m trying to wean her and she’s not happy about it. I’m feeling a little guilty about it since I always figured I would do child led weaning, but I’m also starting to feel a little frustrated with her constant desire to nurse. So, we’re working on it; but man. I’m pooped. We co-sleep half the night – Lucy goes to bed in her own bed and then comes into our bed when she wakes up – but I wonder if her proximity to me at night is making the weaning harder. I would hate to stop co-sleeping though. I love snuggling with my little peanut.

These are her pretty please puppy eyes. Pretty irresistible, huh?

Hope you all are well. and sleeping more than me.


holiday planters



and our wreath


I love our porch lights. They add such a warm glow. I was rushing to take these pics after Lucy fell asleep and before sunset (so early at 4:25pm!!!) I bought the greens for my planters at Home Depot and the pots were Target cast offs that I picked up at Salvation Army (for $10 each). I gave them a quick coat of flat black enamel to even out their color. I love a natural palette for holiday decorations (although inside I’m a fan of a little sparkle and glimmer for the tree.) I’m proud of my self for actually doing outdoor planters this year – most years I don’t quite get my act together in time. Have you started decorating yet?


Thankful indeed.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. It’s been wonderful to have Pk home (and not at work!) since Tuesday. We have had multiple gatherings, but Thanksgiving day was with Pk’s family. They sure know how to host! The food was amazing and as always, the house was beautiful.

Lucy had her own place at the table (though she only sat for about 3 minutes) It was so fun to watch her excitement grow as our family gathered. She greeted everyone who came in with “happy Fanksgibing!!!”

Yesterday we ventured downtown so Pete could stop by his office before his next trip. He has such an amazing view of Millennium  Park and Lake Michigan from his office.

Downtown is definitely getting its glitter on. Lucy was a bit sketched out by the music coming from the planter boxes on State street but she got used to it. By the time we dragged her through Macy’s she was squealing with glee every time she saw a Christmas ornament. We did a little shopping and then we headed home to pick out a Christmas tree. It was basically a perfect holiday weekend and I’m so thankful that my hardworking husband was able to relax a little bit before he heads off to a new country tonight. Lucy and I will be decorating for Christmas, planning for her 2nd birthday party (any ideas on where to get a disco ball?) and generally holding down the fort while he’s away. I hope you all had a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend!!!

xo- H

I hope you had a super halloween.

My Super Girl sure did.

pssst – did you notice the unpainted door way to the kitchen? Maybe we’ll finish it by Christmas…

– Our hearts go out to those of you suffering in Sandy’s wake. The images on the news are so heartbreaking. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and we’re hoping the recovery goes as quickly as possible. Hxx-

Highwood Pumpkin Fest

This weekend we went to the Highwood Pumpkin Fest with our carpenter/bff Sean and his kids. You might recognize the name from HGTV’s “Pumpkin Wars” which is airing Wednesday (Halloween) night at 9/8 central. We had no idea that HGTV was sponsoring the event, which aimed to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for most lit pumpkins. It was fun, but totally packed and the kids only lasted  about an hour or two before the crush of the crowd was too much for them. We didn’t actually see the pumpkins lit, but had a great time carving a few.

It was sooooo crowded. We packed up the kids and headed home, but I I found a few pictures of the record breaking lighting.

Beautiful huh? I wish we could have stayed until the end, but it was a bit too much, and too late, for the littles.

Lucy looks terrified, right?. Don’t worry, we soothed them with ice cream and cheeseburgers afterwards. I’d say its fun family event but we might try to go earlier next year to skip the crowds.

Are you guys looking forward to Halloween?


We made it!

I’m not gonna lie. Traveling with a 20 month old is NOT easy. But we survived, and after spending yesterday waiting for our lost (!!!) luggage to be delivered, we are sufficiently rested and recovered. We had a great time visiting with family in DC. We stayed in a fun hotel in the ritzy Dupont Circle neighborhood and loved wandering around admiring all the gorgeous row houses.


Some of them had the most lush gardens in tiny compact yards.

DC feels like such a manageable size to me compared to Chicago. The Metro system was great for getting around and it was SO NICE not to have to haul a car seat around with us. Lucy LOVED being on the train and watching them rush through the station. Many of the Metro stations were designed by the Chicago architect Harry Weese and they are really amazing. They are some of the deepest train lines in the country and, random fact, have the longest escalators in the northern hemisphere. The escalators have really dramatic lighting at night too.

On Saturday morning we visited the zoo which was unbelievably crowded, but Lucy still had a great time.

She really liked the elephants.

Another favorite was the fountain at the Dupont Circle. It was the perfect place for her to run around while Pete and I snacked on some delicious food from the nearby farmers market on Sunday.


I definitely learned that toddlers need tons of space and time to explore new environments and that being constrained in the stroller was not Lucy’s favorite. We ate in our hotel or outside, when possible, so that Lucy was free to explore. I didn’t really feel like chasing after her in restaurants if I didn’t need to.


The only real hiccup in our trip was that our homebound flight was delayed because of weather. We were able to make it on another flight ( even though our bags didn’t) and luckily Lucy was asleep for the first hour. Thankfully I had the Ipad out when she woke up! Honestly, that thing was a lifesaver.



We had a great time! I wish we could have stayed one more day so Lucy could have acclimated a little more, but overall I think it was a success. I also had a babycarrier with me so I could wear her in the airport which made getting through security much easier. I’m not really eager to take her on a super long flight anytime soon, but I think it was a great experience for us. She’s been talking about planes and trains first thing every morning. Super Cute.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

xx – H

bon voyage!

via Getty Images

We’re headed to Washington DC tonight to visit family. I’m so excited to see everyone, but feeling a bit apprehensive about actually getting there. I’m not a huge fan of flying and am a little nervous about how Lucy will handle the flight. My Ipad is fully charged and loaded with Sesame Street and Thomas the train videos; hopefully she’ll be entertained. I also found these headphones so we don’t disturb other passengers. She’s teething so I may be buying lots of cocktails for myself our seat neighbors. It’s rare for my side of the family to have everyone together in one place (there’s too many of us!) so I’m overjoyed that Lucy gets some quality time with her aunt, uncles, and grandparents. Yippee! Any tips for traveling with a toddler?

Have a fantastic weekend!


heat wave.

Did you have a nice holiday? We did, though it was mind-numbingly hot.

We watched a parade.

We retreated to air conditioning and played with some donated toys

We even risked the beach one morning when we couldn’t stand being inside anymore.

Pk came home from his last international trip with a terrible bug, and it looks like Lucy and I are going to spend the weekend nursing a summer cold. Luckily I have lots of reading to do and have finally had a moment to catch up on a few articles that friends have recommended. This one struck a cord, if only because I’m not busy, and often feel unaccountably guilty when I say so. This one is interesting too, and the comments are amusing.

Hope you all are well. If we can clean up ourselves enough to head to home depot we should be picking paint colors for the living room and sunroom this weekend. What are  you all doing this weekend?











1/We have a great sandbox at the local school across the street. All the toys are there on the honor system. 2/ We took Lucy to Blues Fest and she loved it. 3/ Lucy took a bath at her friend Molly’s house. Molly’s a great helper! 4/ I love our new bike and child carrier. 5/ exhaustion ( I wish my eyelashes looked like that!). 6/ Pk got new wheels for Fathers Day. He has to keep up with us on the bike! 7/I love where we live; it might snow and freeze six months of the year, but we live within walking distance of a beach. So lucky!

Hope summer is off to a great start for you too.

xo – H

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