I’m Helen Kelly, ceramicist and mother of one. I have an obsession with durable goods and renovation. Well designed objects and spaces make my heart go pitter-pat. Follow along while we try to improve our petite manse and enjoy our growing family!

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  1. Man oh man, do I ever love you. We must’ve actually morphed in third grade to have the same genes. What a spot-on description of yourself, and of things for which I also harbor an obsession.

    This site is certainly a gift to your loved ones, and what I shared with Carole Baumgart as her 60th birthday gift today. I love you. (I’ll say it twice.)

    xo, ‘B.

  2. Hi Helen, just found your blog and seriously looking forward to salking every post…..We LOVE plumbing pipe in our house, and if someone breaks in and takes your vintage bar (It was me) ..also ready to find a few new fav blogs from your blogroll….

    All my best

    • Tessa, I’m glad to “meet” you and looking forward to catching up on your blog. We love living on the North Shore (Evanston) and I’m always glad to find a local blogger. Let’s keep in touch!

  3. Just read your post about the oilcloth mat. Simply wanted to mention the glue in the duct tape will interact with the finish on the oilcloth. Eventually, say a few months, the glue will cause the oilcloth to discolor. It’s not recommended to use most glues or tapes with oilcloth.

  4. Hi! I was just wondering if you are still posting on your blog. I stumbled upon your blog and have been eagerly waiting for updates and on your home. Your home reminds me of mine, I love your home!

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