counting down

Both the days until Christmas and the days until Pete gets home again – he has another work trip that the won’t be home from until Christmas eve. Lucky duck gets to miss all the pre-Christmas insanity that happens around here (smart planning Pk!) The past couple weeks have been a non-stop holiday birthday social extravaganza. Two holiday work parties for the mister and we celebrated Lucy’s 3rd birthday with our family a few days early over the weekend.


I know. blurry iPhone instagrams are the worst, but I was having too much fun to stop and take more pics. Please note the dog trying to sneak some cauliflower off the veggie tray. Luckily we had some cupcakes leftover for her actual birthday yesterday.


That face. Honestly. I can’t even.

The parties for Pk’s work have a special significance this year because my rock star hard worker (as he labeled himself in my email account) got a major promotion. It sounds cheesy, but I’m incredibly proud of him. It really makes all the times he was out of town feel worth it and even though his schedule won’t slow down any time soon, I’m thrilled to see him so happy. Also – it was super fun to trade in my yoga pants for heels and dresses. Here’s what Ive been wearing this holiday party season…

Holiday 13' Maternity

I’m just barely still squeezing into non-maternity shift dresses at 25 weeks. I had to size up on the red top shop number to accommodate not my ever growing belly but my ever growing bust (seriously, enough with the boobs already!) I linked to some J.Crew jewelry that I think I might pick up for this sort of thing next year – right now everything at J.Crew is 30% off with the code GIFTNOW. The outfit on the right is what I’ll be wearing when we host our Christmas day open house, with flats on because NO WAY can I imagine wearing heels when decorum doesn’t require it.

Now that our two weeks of partying is over it’s time to finish up our Christmas shopping and get this house spanked into shape so we can spend the days around Christmas just being together (until Pk goes out of town through the New Year)

That’s what’s happening folks! Hope your holiday prep is going well.


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  1. Pretty wonderful BIRTHDAY PIX of our Miz Lucy. I remember vividly her birth birth day/night — we all were in New York for Annie’s TriBeca Film Screening [!!!!] and — four travel-weary Engmans squeezing on to a too-full subway on a super busy Saturday night — and a lovely blonde stranger pushed a bit of space next to her for this harried-looking redhead, saying, I’m from Ireland and I’m a poetess and I’m going to speak you a poem right now. With her hand on my knee looking me right in the eye she spoke about beauty and life and and her One-True-Irish-Love. Surely, she was our Heralding Angel. That’s when we all knew that LUCY HAD ARRIVED. She disappeared into the next station, leaving us utterly awestruck.
    I remember sending you a text. Didn’t you tell me later that it had arrived while you two [three!] were in the delivery room?

    That’s how it goes. That’s how it goes…
    THANK YOU for taking time this year from your busy busy lives to share Annie’s quick Christmas Visit through town the other night. Everyone loved getting to see you, Hel. Especially me and The ‘B.
    We will be thinking of you all this Christmas, remembering so many wonderful holidays past, and looking forward to many, many more.
    LOVE from all of us, to all of you.
    Mama E.

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