I surely didn’t mean to take 3 months off blogging. In my defense, I’ve been kind of distracted.

17 weeks

Our FET worked! Pk and I are expecting another baby, due April 1st.

We got confirmation of our success while we were visiting my sis in DC/Ocean City. I initially stopped blogging because it felt too soon to share our news and because it was so foremost in my mind that I almost couldn’t think (or write) about anything else. We also wrapped up some projects on the house so there wasn’t a lot of house related business to blog. Very quickly though, the main reason I stopped blogging was because I developed kind of awful morning sickness along with a solid case of the first trimester blahs. The first trimester is such a strange time – you are terribly sick (or at least I was this time) but not quite ready to tell everyone why you look like death warmed over all the time. I’ve also had a hard time managing how anxious I feel about this pregnancy. Even though I’m passed the point at which I miscarried last year, I still feel worried about how things will turn out.

I was not sick at all during my pregnancy with Lucy so being so ill has really taken me by surprise. Strangely, the worst of it happened after I started my second trimester, around the time that all the books and pregnancy apps promised i would be feeling better(I’m 17 weeks now.) I developed severe migraines and uncontrollable nausea and even spent a long day in the ER getting IV hydration and meds. Thankfully, I think I’ve reached the peak of how sick I’ll be and am actually starting to feel a little more human! I really hope it’s all rosy from here on out – I’m not sure I could handle another 5 months of feeling like I have the flu.

Lucy still isn’t totally aware of what’s going on. We were trying to hold off until we knew the gender of the baby, but I think at this point the belly is making things pretty obvious, even to a two year old. I also didn’t want her to associate “mommy’s having another baby!” with “mommy won’t get off the couch/stop throwing up” I want her to be excited (heck, I’m ready to be excited!) It still feels a bit surreal, but I’m ready to enjoy this and so, so, glad that we have a new member of the family.

That’s the news from our end.


ps. I’m so glad to be back in the land of the living! Right in time for Halloween!

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  1. Was hoping that your silence could be attributed to this and I got a little misty at the picture. So happy to hear your news and hope that easier days are ahead of you. You and Jenny (Brown) Bush are due right around the same time.

  2. I was so hoping the reason you took off was that you were busy being knocked up! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to hear all about the new addition! If you swing through DC again, I’d love to catch up– or see you when we’re home for Christmas.

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