really. thank goodness it’s almost Friday, because it feels like Pk has been out of town for like a year. It’s been a long slow week of wanting to get a lot done and not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything. The dreaded cold that Lucy and I have is still holding on, but I think we are finally on the upswing. I have a list of little projects (and a few big ones!) that I’d like to tackle when my mister gets home, once he has had a chance to catch up on sleep. Actually we both probably need to catch up – when Pete’s out of town I have a tendency to be a hyper vigilant night owl – listening to every creak and sound, and waking up every time a car hits the speed bump on out street. I guess my insomnia could also be a side affect of the medication I’m on for our IVF cycle. Lupron makes me feel strangely dull and a little foggy, not to mention the hot flashes (there was an awkward moment in an elevator at Urban Outfitter yesterday, yikes!) You can read more about the purpose of Lupron during IVF here if you are curious.

One of the projects I’ve been thinking about is our back yard – we’re in kind of an awkward spot in terms of timing. We’d love to dig out basement (which would mean staging a giant rubble pile and probably a concrete truck in our yard) but we’re still working on the garage/studio. I don’t want to have another summer of not really usable backyard space so I’d like to at least get the the yard leveled out and some grass planted – right now the yard slopes towards our house which isn’t the best for drainage. I’d also like to replace our fence which is currently falling down into our neighbor’s yard. I need to get a quote from a mason to brick up some windows that were boarded over from the inside of the house (why, previous owners, why?!?) and get a quote for a new roof and gutters. I probably need to deal with all those things before we do our basement, so that water issues don’t destroy any of the work we would do down there. I’m always in favor a buying a fixer upper and improving, but man, sometimes the amount of work that this house needs is so overwhelming.

I wish our yard looked like this. Actually I’d take the whole house (designed by Mark Egerstrom).



I love a low wooden deck, and it would probably be cheaper than a stone patio. We’ll have to see what Pete thinks, but in the meanwhile, I can dream.

Happy almost Friday!

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