Tourists at home.

On Saturday Pete had to go into his office so Lucy and I tagged along. His office is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Millennium Park, so after a little retail therapy Lucy and I headed over to people watch.


IMG_4112Pete tried to convince Lucy that a Ti-83 is as enticing as an iphone. She remains unconvinced.

IMG_4128Some parts of the park are still closed for winter (and there was no water in the fountains), but we still had fun. Peter proposed to me here and I got my BFA across the street at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


IMG_4118$5 sunglasses from the H&M on State St. were the best investment of the weekend.


IMG_4141Lucy watched some crazy kids lying under the bean to take pictures and thought she should give it a shot.

IMG_4144She has basically not taken  her sunglasses off all weekend – and now this song song is stuck in my head, and now yours too? Sorry.

IMG_4154Also – this kid is a little unclear on the concept of hide and seek. “Ok tree, here I go! Im pwaying hidenseek now! I’m hiding.” Honestly. it lasted like 15 very entertaining minutes.

I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to just amble around outside this weekend. I felt…. better, more myself, and just generally less angry at the world. We celebrated some birthdays – our nephew’s, and Peter’s. We didn’t really celebrate Easter, unless you count a joyous morning walk by the lake (I sure do.)


I hope you had a great weekend.


One response

  1. I showed John. We are still laughing. Rolling on the floor.
    I’m telling the Dalai Lama, MOVE OVER, dude. Lucy’s got it covered. Her, and her tree.

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