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Miles Redd
living room – Miles Redd
Is it strange that I’m equally drawn to both of these decorating styles? On the one hand I love the absolute simple elegance of the first room – it’s beautiful, light, masculine, and neutral. On the other hand I love the riotous pattern play and layering in the second pic (by the genius, Miles Redd.) Saturated jewel tones, traditional furniture with an occasional modern nod (tree stump table! leopard pillows!, ikat!) and that massive persian rug; all a few of my favorite things.
Sometimes in decorating my own house I find myself totally pulled in two different decorations. There are days when I want to start fresh with white walls and completely modern furniture and other days when I find myself thinking about dark lacquered walls, plaster ceiling medallions, and gilded frames. In some ways I think the answer is room to room decor that’s unique – like having really soothing clean lined bedrooms to provide a respite from richly decorated public rooms like living and dining spices. I’ll never be someone that completely eschews one design style over another, but I do find myself leaning towards slightly more traditional decor over the kind of sleek modernism that I used to admire.Recently I was in a house that had me itching to decorate – it was a little too clean, know what I mean? Obviously having a kiddo can dictate your decor a little bit (the priceless antiques and knickknacks in the Miles Redd room are not really toddler friendly) but patterns and rugs hide spills and “rich patina” is nothing more than wear and tear right?
Where do you guys fall in the spectrum? Do you like a more collected look or prefer a clean lined modernism?
A few friday links,
– I’ve been enjoying this fashion blog
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– loving this fashion designer
– speaking of fashion and beautiful things, I love this gal’s tumblr and blog
this was an amazing and haunting book.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Helen, I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your blog – my husband and I moved from Chicago a few years ago (Edgewater) so reading it is like a taste of home. Personally I love the clean lines of minimalism – I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel with no knicknacks or visual clutter! Love that first picture!

    • Oh, thanks Amy! That first picture is so dreamy, I agree. Maybe I’ll have a clean lined modern house post kids? The obvious answer is two houses (haha.)

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