Warby Parker Home Try On

Do you know about Warby Parker? It’s a mostly online optical company with a few locations (Chicago has one, but I’m a lazybones.) They offer a home try on service that’s free. You can pick up to five frames, they send them to you, you can try them on at home and then send them back and order the ones you want. There’s no obligation to order and it’s free. Did I mention that all the frames with prescription lenses are $95? That’s amazing right? I think my last pair were about $250 and had no special coatings. The Warby Parker cost includes an anti reflective coating. If you have coke bottle lenses (ahem, Pk) you can upgrade for a small fee to super thin lenses.Even better, with every pair purchased Warby Parker donates one to someone in need (a la Tom’s one for one.) So, I decided to try a few out. I don’t technically need new glasses, but it’s nice to have options right? Want to help me choose?

Here are my current glasses. I’m one of those annoying people who barely has a prescription, but I like to wear them at night, when driving. Or when I want to look extra smart. These are Dolce&Gabbana (ooooh la la.)


Here are the 5 options from Warby Parker. Try not to laugh, some of them look bananas. Luckily they have a few frames suited for smaller faces. You can search for frames by width which is extremely helpful.

1. Colton in Whiskey Tortoise

.coltonwhiskey tortoise

2. Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise


3. Linwood in Revolver black

linwood revolver black

4.  Beckett Striped Chestnut


5.Chandler in Olivewood


I know which one is my fave, but I’m curious what you guys think (psssst. the Linwood right? #3 dont you think?) Should I send away for another set to try on or do we have a winner? Honestly folks, from now on I’m just going to get my prescription from my regular doc and then order from Warby Parker – the convenience and additional bonus of donating a pair really makes this a no brainer. I will say though, the styles tend toward trendy hipster glasses, so if you’re someone who prefers a wire rim or rimless spectacle these may not work for you (also, no bifocals.) Have you guys ever ordered glasses online?

Hope you having a fantastic week!

xx- H

PS. They also offer this service in Canada for a smidge more moola for those of you that live in the great white north (ooooh that reminds me, when is Game of Thrones back on?)

PPS. They are more expensive, but there is another online specs store called Rivet & Sway that is exclusively for ladies. They offer a similar home try on.

6 responses

  1. every time I shop for frames, after the first four or so, I’m struck by how i always have the same face and i really can’t tell the frames apart–I continually choose something pretty close to what I had before. Except last time I went for a pair in kind of lavender and lime, which I still like. I got Nate a pair of Warby Parkers for Christmas two years ago. He suggested it and i thought it was actually a great gift.And the Lintons still show your brows, which I think is probably a very good thing.

  2. I like 3 best, I think, or did you influence my opinion a little??…I can’t get over the fact that number 1 is nearly identical to my $500 frames!!! what?!

    I love that you associated Canada with Game of Thrones…and you haven’t even met me (huge fan over here…and, er, from Canada)

    I am going to stick around your blog for a while and then sign up!! ..love the posts on your main page!

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