getting big.

For the longest time, we’ve called Lucy “baby Lucy.” Kind of in an all one word way, as if it were her given name. We did it so habitually that other people, like friends and family, do it too. Lucy even calls herself baby Lucy, all though she refuses to say the L in her name and so says “I’m baby Soosie.”

Here’s the thing, more and more lately, she’s really not a baby. She can do (and say!) so much now. This little girl loves to be busy and stimulated  – I can’t get away with our quiet afternoons puttering around the house, which is a shame, because I’m a first class putterer. She wants to “do something” all the time now and oh how she can voice it! I introduced her to water colors recently and it was like opening a floodgate (both literally and figuratively.)IMG_3746It happened to be right around valentines day so now whenever she wants to paint she says “make Balentines?” It’s so cute I don’t have the heart to correct her.

IMG_3792When I snapped this pic of her hugging the snowman today she was saying ” oh snowman, its gweat, i wuv it soooo much!” She has so much of her dad’s energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes the first words out of her mouth upon waking are ” go sledding? go to da store? On a train? in an airplane on vacation?” Such a lust for life! I need to take her on more day to day adventures.

IMG_3763We stopped at a coffee shop before gymnastics the other day and they had mirrored tables- it kept Lucy distracted until she spotted the muffins. ” Wow, mom, muffins! Look I see them! its amazing! Muffins! Look Mom!” I kid you not she said those actual words. Oh that she can keep this level of excitement about the world! It’s a little tiring for me sometimes, I’ll admit – I’m more quiet and reflective than she is, more of an introvert – but maybe that’s just what happens as we age? Right now for Lucy the world is just a big ball of wonderful experiences waiting to happen. She is so happy to see everyone, all the time, which makes me incredibly happy for the close proximity of our families. She cheers when she hears my brother knock on the door with his puppy for a visit and squeals when she finds out that Grandma is going to stop by. Like so many two year olds she has an exaggerated feeling of empathy for everyone around her – when another child takes a tumble at gymnastics class Lucy rushes over “are you ok? I help you!” and always, always hugs. If she hears a baby cry at the supermarket ” I go see baby? Baby sad? find baby mommy?”

IMG_4675She has so many wonderful bits of personality coming through and I love how much we can do together now – sledding! painting! crafts! games! dolls! trains! – every little thing is a thrill. I wan’t so badly to keep that level of excitement and wonder and to nurture that empathetic and caring spirit. Lucy deserves to big sister, one way or another – to have a another person to share all these wonderful feelings and adventures with as she grows up. She’s turning into such a fun little kid.


but she’ll aways be my baby.


Hope you had a great weekend…


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  1. So sweet. I can’t even tell you. This post honestly makes me want to be a mom. [Not *right* now! Just in theory. : ) ] What a sweet family you are.

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