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So Pk and I are gearing up for another round fertility treatments (have I mentioned that? Like 5 or 6 times…) also, it’s Lent so we’ve decided to give up wine. Frankly, we’re not really keeping up the ritual for religious reasons, but more because I think we were both feeling a little… I don’t know, gluttonous? We boozed it up a lot over the holiday season. We are habitual wine drinkers and while I have no plans to stop drinking wine forever (heavens no!) I’m kind of hoping I have to give it up for at least 10 months or so. During our cycle of IVF that resulted in Lucy I was an avid smoothie drinker and so a couple of days ago I picked up this blender  (I just could not stomach the price tag for the vitamix) I considered a juicer, but standing at the sink cleaning out a juicer seems like  a lot of work, not to mention the nutritional benefits of fiber that you don’t get with juicing. So far so good y’all. My Ninja does a mighty job of blending all kinds of vegetable and fruit goodies for me in the morning. I’ve also been adding this green superfood powder (which I also did when we were trying before.)In case that’s not good enough, I use this coconut probiotic drink to smooth out the texture of all that fruit and veg.  I’ve cut back my caffeine consumption quite a bit too – down to 1 cup from 2 or 3. Do I think any of this stuff really works? I don’t know. It does if I believe in it right? At this point in the game, when it’s all just pre-testing, paperwork, and financials, it feels good to do something proactive in the process, and frankly, I feel down right virtuously healthy. Maybe I’ll even dig my running shoes out from the bottom of my closet.*

Hope you all are having good week! Any good smoothie recipes for me?

xo – Helen

* Just kidding. The forecast calls for 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. I’ll get my exercise shoveling while Pk is out of town.


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  1. From what I’ve heard I think that’s totally brilliant. For one of my girlfriends, IVF actually didn’t work for a while until she got acupuncture. She said that’s what she’ll try first next time around. Nutrition etc might seems small, but it makes a big difference. I bet you are on the right track! My personal favorite smoothie is strawberry, banana and spinach with coconut milk and protein. That banana is a real game changer in a smoothie. Flaxseed oil is also a great add; it’s supposed to be a miracle elixir for the ladies. Good luck, Helen!

    • Oh yes, flaxseed oil, I forgot about that! I know someone else who swears by it too. Do you have a protein powder you particularly like? Some of them are so gritty!

      • So far the only one I’ve found that’s not gritty is the Jay Robb whey protein. Not as nutritious as some I think, but great texture. Not to sound like a broken record, but I also think that banana really helps with the texture somehow too. I think it’s pretty important to get the powder in there with the liquid first, so it’s not lumpy either, which I’m sure you’ve discovered as well. They sell the Jay Robb ones by the packet as well at Whole Foods so if you haven’t tried it you can give it a go for only a few bucks before investing in a tub of it? Hope this helps! : )

    • Gillian I agree! It is exciting! In the blender – a handful of organic spring mix, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, coconut water, a kiwi (peeled), a scoop of amazing grass, a splash of OJ. I pretty much only use organic fruit and veg for the smoothies – especially if I’m not peeling it. I mostly just grab a few bits of whatever’s in the fridge and freezer.

  2. Thinking about you and wishing you happy, peaceful thoughts during the stress that the fertility dance entails. Being a healthy, happy you is a great start for being a healthy, happy you + 1. Love you! xo

  3. sending positive vibes, so many friends who have done ivf, swear by acupuncture in conjunction with ivf and also seeing a chiropractor supposedly does wonders. Also, if you moved to maryland, insurance would cover 3 rounds here!
    also we love our ninja (we got a small one) and i throw frozen strawberries in so it has a more icy texture without adding any extra water. Also, ground flaxseed works well to blend in and chia seeds

    • yeah, Illinois covers it too, but our insurance comes from out of state. bummer! Good tip about the frozen berries and ground flax seed and thanks for the positive vibes. I’ll take all the help I can get!

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