New light fixture in the dining room

For the longest time Pete and I lived with the really ugly ceiling fan that was in this area. We eventually stumbled upon this chandelier at one of our favorite thrift stores, The Brown Elephant, in Andersonville. We’ve had it hanging for about 2 years, and I’ve always kind of known it wasn’t right for the space, even though I love it’s vintage appeal.


Sorry for the clutter – this is real life folks.

The fixture is really ornate, it’s probably a reproduction of a Victorian era fixture. It also has always hung a bit wonky, which made me crazy. Everything else in this kitchen/dining space has really clean lines, so when I spotted this fixture from Ballard during their recent sale I pulled the trigger.

IMG_4708 IMG_4707


I really, really like it. I bought Edison bulbs for it and I love the little bit of industrial appeal it gives the room. Sean was also able to center it over the table (the other fixture wasn’t centered) and it just gives this whole space a better sense of proportion. We will keep the other fixture for now or maybe sell it at a garage sale (we only paid $40 bucks for it, so it won’t be hard to recoup that loss.) I think I’m going to change the curtains in this room, again. I love these ones from Anthropologie but they are just a little short. I’d love to raise the height of the curtain rod to make that window seem taller. I think I’ll probably go with the Aina panlels from Ikea in white that I just used in our bedroom. I really love the way they drape and they are a great price. I love experimenting with patterns and colors, but I tire of them so quickly. I always find myself reverting back to white and neutral tones. I guess seasonal redecorating is the way to go for me…

It’s so so so so cold here this week. The kind of cold that creeps down you collar  and leaves you gasping for air  and your fingers stinging when you come back inside. The kind of cold that made me snort when the Victoria Secret bikini catalogue came in the mail today. It’s a little strange to see so much spring merchandise in stores when it still feels so much like winter!

Hope you all are well –


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