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If the fashion ramblings of a stay at home mom will bore you, please feel free to skip this post.

I’m by no means a fashionista, but I do think it’s important to dress well for yourself everyday, and by well I mean change out of the yoga paints you slept in and comb your hair. Safe to say I don’t have high standards, but lately I’ve been feeling like I should work a little harder on it. I don’t usually put a lot of effort into what I wear because there are days, and days and days when Pk is out of town, that I’m really only hanging out with Lucy and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care what I wear. A lot of the good stuff in my closet is business casual stuff from when I was working (before Lucy) and is maybe a bit too dressy for casual wear. I don’t think my stack of dress slacks from Banana Republic are really mom-appropriate ( ie – easy to clean chocolate milk and boogers from). I feel like I’m gradually accumulating a more casual wardrobe that’s appropriate for my distinctly non-dressy lifestyle finally. Maybe it was seeing some of my very stylish friends over the holiday break or a little too much time staring at pinterest but I really feel lately like I have to try to at least look put together, even if it’s just for me.  So, here’s what I wore this week. I see tons of room for improvement, but it’s a little better than my usual extremely casual look ( like, I showered. and wore mascara. really.)

IMG_3586Monday – skinny jeans, Asos military jacket, hooded grey scarf, heeled ugg boots. (it was freezing and windy that day)

IMG_3638Tuesday – button up under an open knit sweater, cuffed jeans, Clarks desert boots (oooh look, I actually wore my hair down- the whole day!)

IMG_3609Wednesday -skinnies, gap plaid jacket, ankle boots, infinity scarf (super cold that day too)

IMG_3670Thursday – Valentines Day! an excuse to wear hot pink pants!!! Navy cable knit sweater, Frye Melissa Button Boots, sparkly heart pin. A necklace with all of our initials and a silver locket my mom gave me.

IMG_3692Friday (today) – skinnies again, tunic sweater, motorcycle boots, layered necklaces from Jcrew Factory

Here’s what I see – I need to have a bit more variety in bottoms (like really Helen? 5 days of some version of skinny jeans?) and it wouldn’t kill me to make a little more effort with my hair.

Sorry if this post is totally boring for you guys – I feel a little bit vain posting about fashion (since I’m clearly not an expert!) but I think seeing the pictures helps me assess what looks good and what doesn’t. I think I need to sort of keep myself accountable too, lest the leggings and sweatshirts in my closet come creeping back out. I promise I won’t always use filtered pics too, but they sure did a good job of hiding the dust on the mirror 🙂

Have a great weekend! We are going to enjoy some family time with out of town visitors and a fun weekend visit to our fertility clinic. We’re getting the ball rolling on another round of fertility treatments which is exciting, tiring, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Did I mention expensive? It’s that too.


ps – are you guys following any fun fashion blogs? If so do share – it’s always nice to have more inspiration.

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  1. you are way ahead of me…most days i look like i just rolled out of bed, i guess except the days i have pre-school drop off (although now that she has decided to do carpool line i guess i can go back to looking like i just rolled out of bed)
    a blog called is one of the moms who does some sort of fashion post, she does something called work clothes/play clothes you might check her out.
    good luck! maybe i should try this!

  2. Great post! I have the same issue (although only on the weekend). I have a wardrobe full of clothes for work but when it comes time to hang out with my kid on the weekend I’m at a loss as to what to wear so that I have the right balance of young, trendy, and practical, without that “I’m going to work” look–especially when I leave the house. It doesn’t help that I find most jeans horribly uncomfortable, especially for all the sitting on the floor and crouching I do when hanging out with a toddler. Keep up the clothing posts–I’d love to see more ideas!

    • I agree it’s hard to balance the trendy vs. practical issue. I want to look young, but not like a sloppy college kid and not like a mom-bot. I know what you mean about jeans too; I tend to buy really cheap stretchy skinny jeans that don’t feel too stiff. Not quite pajama jeans – but close 😉

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