Life around here…


I had a great time celebrating my 30th birthday. On Friday night Pk and I had a date night at a new restaurant called Found. We totally indulged (!) ourselves while Grandma was on Lucy duty. We spent the next day snuggled on the couch watching the Muppets movie until our friends and family came over for pizza. I got another orchid for my growing collection. Maybe I can actually learn how to get them to re-bloom?

photo-1This little exhausted peanut has been having trouble sleeping at night. Last night she was up every 45 minutes from about midnight until 4. I’m not sure what the deal is – teething? weaning? growing pains? nightmares? She does seem to have added a couple inches in the last couple of weeks. but jesus. I’m exhausted. Also, she got accepted into preschool for the fall. PRESCHOOL. And,drum roll please… we’re fully weaned! It’s been 5 or 6 days – she still asks, but is pretty content just to snuggle when I discourage her from feeling me up. I’m proud that we made it to two years (and almost two months!)


We’ve been making lots of Valentines around here. Nothing fancy, just the crinkly messy water color kind on construction paper that Lucy will probably find as an adult stuffed in the bottom of a keepsakes box.


Maya likes Lucy’s Piggy-Bunny so much that I got her one of her own. Just kidding – I spotted a double of Lucy’s favorite stuffed buddy at a little boutique so I picked up a back up. I just caught Maya using them as pillows during one of her 27.4 daily naps.

Hope you’re having  a great start to the week! Any Valentine’s plans? I don’t think we’re doing anything special; I’m just happy Pk is in town this year!


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  1. Rebloom? I’d try giving the folks at Gethsemane Gardens AND Chalet a call… Back in my uber-gardening days, I found people at both places were always happy to help me tackle these sorts of questions. [Take good cellphone pix w — you’ll be in business!] xo

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