Our bedroom. After!

I think it’s done! Here’s pics of our newly done bedroom. You can see the before pics in the previous post.



Looking right to Pk’s side


The big impact on Pete’s side comes from the gorgeous cowhide I bought from Amazon, and the massive framed Hemnes floor mirror from Ikea. Pete didn’t have a dressing mirror before and this way he can make sure he looks super fly and the mirror can bounce a whole ton of light around the room. We also got new roman shades that add the most lovely filtered light. I outside mounted them and then added inexpensive roller blinds underneath for more privacy at night. The trunk under the window is from World Market.

IMG_4578 IMG_4549


I also added some artwork above his dresser (his dresser was a $40 dollar craigslist steal). The art is a lithograph of a train scene from the Belmont station in Chicago and the first framed, expensive art I bought after college. It just screams Pk to me, and the muted colors look really nice in here.


I also added a walnut hook rack from Rejuvenation (thanks for those Nana, they’re perfect!) and a sturdy laundry bag from West Elm Market. This way he has a place to hang clothes he might wear again the next day instead of hanging them off the dresser hooks (ahem.) The laundry bag is for drycleaning (which is about 80% of his wardrobe.) The vintage clock and Shakespeare collection are things he has had forever. I also added a lamp so that he doesn’t have to turn on the over head lights to get dressed in the wee hours of the morning.

Looking left to my side.


You guys, the new rug is soooo soft and fuzzy. It keeps my toes cozy while I get dressed in the morning and just makes the whole space look a bit more sophisticated.


The new chair! I did eventually cave and get a knock-off ghost chair for my vanity. I totally love it and feel no guilt whatsoever.


I replaced the super ugly chair with this one from world market  ( true story, I tried to use upholstery paint on the other chair, it looked better, but the velvet felt super stiff so I decided to just replace it. it was an epic DIY fail, but hey, I tried.) The new chair fits the space a whole lot better and I like the black legs. The sconce was a thrifty find that used to be in the living room, but it fits this nook perfectly. I added this gorgeous brass side table from Restoration Hardware that I’ve been eying for approximately forever. It’s so great to finally have some family pictures in here too. They used to be in the living room, but work much better here.


Seriously cannot get enough of the brass, and I like the way it picks up the warm tone from the framed artwork above the bed. Speaking of that…


I ordered these 3 moon prints from a great Etsy seller and had them framed. I saved a bundle by using stock frames, but had mats cut and the prints mounted and backed. It was obviously more expensive than using say, ikea frames, but the total cost was less than $250 dollars (that includes the labor, prints, and frames!) and I think it makes a huge impact.


Our plug in wall sconces are from Lowe’s, and help free up space on our night stand tables.


Our little bedside tables used to be bubble gum pink stools( I got them for $10 at a thrift store a million years ago.) I gave them a quick coat of my favorite black spray paint and now they really ground the space and pick up on the black in the bed linens.


The linens are a total blend of high and low – white Ralph Lauren sheets from Marshalls, Linen shams and duvet cover from Restoration Hardware, herringbone blanket  and accent pillow from Target, and monogrammed shams from Pottery Barn. IMG_4531

Another major change was removal of the ugly bifold closet doors. I replaced them with Aina linen curtain panels hemmed to the correct length. Normally I’m not a huge fan of curtains as doors, but I like the softness they add here. I actually have two antique french doors sitting in the basement waiting to be cut to size and refinished, so in the mean time the curtains will have to do. I got the recommendation for these curtains from Rosa Beltran Design’s blog. They have an awesome hidden hanging system.

I think that’s it! Peter and I both love, love, love it. It’s just more adult now, and feels a lot less random. It really functions now too (which is the foundation of good design!) We each have our separate dressing area – it’s kind of funny how it turned into his and hers, right? I also love that it’s a mix of old and new, thrifted, DIYed (our headboard is a thrift store find that I sewed a camel colored velvet slipcover for), and newly purchased (rugs, bedding, lighting, etc.) We’ve lived here for 3 and 1/2 years and we finally have a bedroom that looks great (or at least better!)

This weekend we’re celebrating my 30th birthday (gaaahhhhohmygodhowdidthathappensofast!!!) and I’m looking forward to partying with Pk and the rest of our family. Have a great weekend!


ps. Taking these pics made me realize that I’m not great at photo styling and that a ton of work goes into those seemingly perfect house images you see all the time. You should see the pile of laundry in the hallway!

pps. This room will never be this clean again, so it’s a good thing I documented it.

7 responses

  1. Congrats. So nice. Do you have a bottle of plexi-cleaner [harold’s hardware on central]? [vs ANY other product you might use to keep your Ghost Chair smudge/scratch-free]… Super recommend it. WOW, just such a beautiful space. xo

  2. Gorgeous, Hel! Congrats – I love having a bedroom you’re proud of – helps put a smile on your face and turn your DIY brain off for a good night’s rest 🙂 For the ghost chair, I suggest just water and a microfiber cloth like the ones sold in the autobody section of Home Depot or target. They are great at getting all the smudges off and are mild so they don’t etch the acrylic. Plus it’s super cheap and chemical free 🙂 Hugs and happy birthday again, dear! 30 is fabulous, don’t worry 🙂 xo F

  3. It is gorgeous, Helen! All of it. I especially loved that you did two monograms instead using a duogram on the shams, a girl after my own heart. I love seeing updates on your domestic bliss. And happy, happy birthday!

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