the end of the week.








1/Our week started with warm temps and rain so we walked while we could. 2/ Lucy realized that trees can be really big. 3/The bear hat. it kills me. 4/when it got cold we stayed in side and colored. 5/ and watched the snow begin to fall. 6/I got a pair of pretty ikat pillows. I love the way the pattern is slightly mismatched. 7/ I finally had a pair of ankle boots that I picked up for $5 at a thrift store resoled by an angry russian cobbler. He did an excellent job! Now I just need to schedule a date-night with Pk so I have an excuse to wear them.

Have a great weekend!

– If you want some interesting reading for the weekend, this site is amazing (introduced to me by Lucy’s Nana.) Thanks Nana! Also, it looks like I’m not the only one thinking about authenticity in blogging lately.

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  1. Hey Helen, are you talking about the cobbler on Chicago Ave? So funny if I recognixed him from your post. And I am really enjoying your blog. Photos make me all soft and cushy. I’m so glad you’ve got this time with Lucy! Love you, Carole B (Plus I followed your link and bought a calendar for the kitchen from Croatia. Nice!)

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