How bout… nuts?


In this moment, I felt extremely grateful that my child doesn’t have food allergies.


You guys. Two year olds can eat. A lot. and also sometimes seem to survive on nothing at all. Right now we’re in a heavy  calorie consumption moment. Lucy asks for food all the time.

Me: Lucy, do you want to go outside and jump in puddles?

Lucy: Ok,How bout fruit ‘nacks?

Me: Lucy, let’s go walk the dog!

Lucy: Maybe, chocolate milk? okay? and umm cookies?

Lately she is using all kinds of hilarious grammar too. Everything starts with “maybe, sometimes”, “and then”, or “how about”. I mean, where is she getting it from? Do I talk that way? Also, she lately just calls me “mom.” As in, I cough and she says “you ok mom?” Like the next thing out of her mouth is going to be “Mom, can you help me fill out my application to Vassar? I’m really busy watching Caillou.”

Sigh. They really do grow up fast.

ps. I read recently that dealing with a two year old is kind of like talking to a drunk. They mumble, laugh a lot, fall down all the time and accidentally pee in their pants.  They get belligerent when you take away their beer chocolate milk. So, so, so hilariously true (I worked at a faux irish pub for a few years – I feel like a verified expert on drunkeness).

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Hi little mama. Got nuts. A request: please accompany me on my next trip to Fresh Market or Fresh Farm, I can never remember which is the one I like — on Touhy — and buy FRESH nuts [not ADM’s] — they are SO FAST to toast… and loads of varieties… and… you can drive, ms. car seat maven. XO

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