Lessons from Angelina Ballerina

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately; why I do it, why I read so many, and how they influence me. I was chatting with a good friend (Kristin from Chou Pommé) about the kind of blogs we like to read and why and the main factor seemed to be the person and personality behind the blog, not necessarily the “coolness” of the blog. I read TONS of different blogs and lately I’ve realized that some of them just don’t hold my attention any more, but yet I still consume them daily. Some of the blogs I love the most seem almost effortlessly written and put together, but I realize, with a little help from Miss Mimi (see video above), that those bloggers are working really hard to create original and thought provoking content. I think a lot of bloggers feel pressure to post every day and I think it sometimes shows. I like seeing curated lists from different style bloggers, contributor posts, sponsored posts, etc. but I sometimes feel like it’s all I see, when I used to read that person’s blog for a glimpse into their life and thoughts. I realize too that my own blog is a little, well, flat. I think that my writing is a little stilted – I’m not sure if it’s because I’m concerned about my real life readers (hi mom!) or because I just haven’t really found my own voice, as it were.

I blog because I like to have a place to collect my thoughts, and to document this really awesome time in our lives. Raising Lucy, fixing up this little house, and going through the journey of building a family. As I approach my 30th (omg!) birthday – I also think the blog is way for me to think about ideas of womanhood – being a wife, mother, a grown-up. Sometimes that means posting about our house, infertility, our dog, trying to have an adult wardrobe… it’s all a part of the process for me and I want my voice to be clear throughout. I want my blog to be an honest, positive space and not a den of negativity and frustration (ie “my husband is always traveling! I’m a lonely SAHM!”. So, I’m going to try to do a better job at writing from my heart and being more brave (both in writing and living.) I think that this blog should still be a space where I collect the thoughts, projects, things, and ideas that inspire me – sometimes that’s posting a list of stuff, other times its documenting the little nonsense things my 2 year old says. That’s not to mean I won’t use it as an occasional space to vent (we all need that!), but I wan’t to make sure it isn’t only that. I want to make sure that this blog and the others I read are sources of inspiration and engagement, not just something to passively consume.

For those bloggers who are already creatively maintaining that fine balance between personal and public, creative and contrived  – I realize now that “making it look easy is not as easy as it looks.” Thank you for inspiring me and your other readers with your words.

Ooof. That’s enough navel gazing for now.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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