Pictures of my kid sleeping and, not.


Like many other families we’ve had our share of sleeping woes. It usually goes in cycles and is complicated by weaning, illness, Pk’s travel schedule, and perhaps ocean tides and other astrological phenomena. Lately we’ve all been sleeping crappily – probably because it’s so unbelievably and horrendously cold that we aren’t getting anything close to regular exercise and fresh air.


She sleeps so SO well in her stroller. I’m desperate for slightly warmer temps so we can resume our afternoon rambles and lengthy naps.


Today was a little warmer (18 instead of 0!) SO we braved the flurries and I kid you not we had been outside for approximately 30 seconds before she started snoring.


When Pk travels Lucy likes to take “pictures for Daddy” where she pretends to sleep


She also frequently requests photographs with her entourage of stuffed animals (see “Bearcat sleeping” above.) Thankfully our bedtime routine is getting better and she’s not night-waking as often.


This is what happy morning bed head looks like. In the morning she says “‘nuggle me! ‘nuggle me mom! on da couch!”

I think it’s safe to say we have a hefty case of winter doldrums/cabin fever around these parts. I was a little negligent about scheduling playdates for this week and boy have I been regretting it (especially around 530 or 6 when she breaks out the crazy sauce and starts bouncing off the walls) We have one weekly Wiggleworms music class, which is like 40 minutes of unadulterated joy for her and then next week a parent and tot gymnastics class. I can’t seem to get Lucy to take a nap on her own at home, more often than not I have to toss her in the stroller or put her in the car to fall asleep – which,when it’s so cold that my shoulders are sore from hunching over in the wind, is quite an energy suck. What are you guys doing to get through these freezing winter days?I think tomorrow I’ll bust out the craft supplies so that we don’t die of boredom.

Yay winter!


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  1. Okay, Hel. Usually, I just bip back a little email, like, “cute!” or “thanks!” — this deserves a big “AWESOME!”
    You will not regret this archive. Ever.
    We love you.

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