It’s Friday!


and my mister is coming home tomorrow! Thank goodness, because the last two weeks have felt like two months. Lucy and I do pretty well on our own, but nothing beats being all together as a family. I’m looking forward to some solid fam time and to having a free minute to pore  (yes it’s “poring over”, not “pouring over”, look it up!) over these wonderful books that I got for Christmas. Some other fun stuff from around the interwebs…

I found an awesome blog thats targeted at moms – very real-life approachable fashion (just the way I like it!)

This home tour is super amazing. I find myself more and more drawn to traditional and eclectic decor.

Speaking of fashion, I’m seriously tempted by this sale. Winter Water Factory has kids and womens clothing thats gorgeous. Everything is 40% off (!!!)

An thoughtful  and witty essay about the movie “Heathers” written by someone from my home town.

Happy Weekend!


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