A room of my own

I’m so excited about the studio space in the garage. We’re (or I should say Pk and our contractor Sean) are still doing some framing so the space is quite rough. I’ve been gathering up inspiration images to show them so we’re all on the same page as we go forward. Right now we are reframing the interior so that we can add more space for insulation and make the structure stronger. The garage is original to the house but has had new siding relatively recently. Rather than knock it down and start fresh (which would be a zoning nightmare) we are adding new framing and shoring the structure up from the inside.
We plan to leave the ceiling vaulted like in the above pics and add 4 large skylights. There will be a big window looking into the backyard. Once it’s insulated we’ll sheath the walls in plywood (instead of drywall) and paint the whole space white. Kind of like this, but painted.
Plywood walls are great in work space because you can hang stuff anywhere you want.
The original electric to the garage was super scary overhead lines (think fried squirrels) that we tore down before we moved in. Last year in 2011 we trenched to bury electric and plumbing lines.The space will be plumbed for a sink, a must in a ceramics studio, and we will add special circuits for the kiln and heating/ac unit.
One side (the side with the carriage doors) will have a storage loft for household items. All the other studio furniture (my wheel, tables, cabinets, shelving) is stuff we already own that’s been living in our storage locker. It’s all portable so the furniture can come with us if we move (and the space can easily convert back to a swanky garage.) We may have to add some cabinetry for all of our house tools that will also live out there, freeing up space in the basement.
We’ll be adding a wood stove that we already own to heat the space as well as an electric heating/AC unit so it’s comfy year round.
The floor of the garage is already a cement slab, and I don’t want to do anything to alter that since the space should technically stay a garage if we ever sell. I’m thinking about maybe adding some removable rubber or cork floating floor tiles to add some cushion and insulation though. Whatever we use needs to be able to be mopped.
For lighting I’m thinking six large industrial pendants in white, maybe these? I’ll probably add some task lamps too.
That’s the plan folks! I’m positively giddy at the thought of having studio space again. I haven’t since Lucinda was born and we moved out of old house. The garage studio will basically quadruple the amount of space I used to have. I expect this project will take a few more months depending on Sean’s schedule. He’ll be custom building carriage doors for us out of cedar. That way we don’t lose any space inside the garage to garage door track and it will bump up our curb appeal tremendously. More to come as this project continues!
Happy Monday

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