Goodbye 2012!

Last year about this time I posted a list of things we wanted to try to accomplish on our house. Looking back, we did a ton of projects around here. It’s weird that it didn’t feel like that much until I sat down to write it out. With our contractor Sean’s help we really improved the character of our house.

We put in a new kitchen


We staightened the walls, painted, and added trim to the the living room and sunroom

IMG_2105 IMG_2075 IMG_2165

Here’s a couple shots of the living room taken at Lucy’s party.

IMG_3931 IMG_3930

Lucy got a big girl room


We enclosed our front porch and added new steps- ( I’m waiting for a sunny day to photograph the inside – it’s looking great!)


We did a quick fix update to the upstairs bathroom to make it last until we do a full gut job –

IMG_3777 IMG_3774

We also started to finish the garage for a studio space for me and workshop space for Pk. –


We still have to reframe, add skylights, insulate, run electric, and plumb it. Oh, and build carriage doors for it. You know. Not much.

On tap for 2013 –

Finishing the basement. This project will probably dominate 2013 after the garage studio is done. It would add a ton of living space for us and boost our house’s value. I’d love to move the tv and playroom into the basement so that the living room and front room feel a little bit more like adult spaces. We have a bad habit of leaving our tv on all day and I’d love to de-emphasize it in our daily routine. Finishing the basement means digging it out, adding a laundry room, and a bathroom, and addressing some structural and electrical issues.

Refreshing our exterior. I’d like to paint our brick facade and do some serious landscaping. We also will be replacing the fence around the whole lot and probably replacing all of our windows. Cha-ching! It needs to be done  though, all the seals in our windows have failed and they are vinyl. yuck. The fence between our house and our neighbors’ house is falling down and the street side is weirdly configured.

I also have a little Master Bedroom refresh up my sleeve. I’ve been hoarding new bed linens and rugs for a while and I think it’s time to  do a little sprucing up while Pk is out of town.

On a personal level – I really hope that 2013 is the year that Lucy’s gets a sibling. My miscarriage in the spring was so hard, especially when my due date came and went before Christmas time. Knowing that we have to go through fertility treatments again is so daunting, but I know our family isn’t complete yet. Since we will be doing some really stressful stuff, I need to plan ahead for some date nights for me and the Mister. We’ve really let our time alone together slide in the face of busy schedules and a sloppy bed time routine for Lucy. I’m not really one for resolutions but consciously planning to hold my family close seems like a great idea. I need to remember to speak with kindness and not be impatient with the two people who mean more to me than anything else in the world.


Have a great weekend!


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