Thankful indeed.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. It’s been wonderful to have Pk home (and not at work!) since Tuesday. We have had multiple gatherings, but Thanksgiving day was with Pk’s family. They sure know how to host! The food was amazing and as always, the house was beautiful.

Lucy had her own place at the table (though she only sat for about 3 minutes) It was so fun to watch her excitement grow as our family gathered. She greeted everyone who came in with “happy Fanksgibing!!!”

Yesterday we ventured downtown so Pete could stop by his office before his next trip. He has such an amazing view of Millennium  Park and Lake Michigan from his office.

Downtown is definitely getting its glitter on. Lucy was a bit sketched out by the music coming from the planter boxes on State street but she got used to it. By the time we dragged her through Macy’s she was squealing with glee every time she saw a Christmas ornament. We did a little shopping and then we headed home to pick out a Christmas tree. It was basically a perfect holiday weekend and I’m so thankful that my hardworking husband was able to relax a little bit before he heads off to a new country tonight. Lucy and I will be decorating for Christmas, planning for her 2nd birthday party (any ideas on where to get a disco ball?) and generally holding down the fort while he’s away. I hope you all had a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend!!!

xo- H

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  1. I almost laughed out loud at work when I saw these pics–I swear that is the exact same view from my window at work! I wonder if PK and I work in the same building?!? Looks like maybe he’s just a few floors up?

    • I think I remember that you are in the same building. The floor to ceiling windows freak me out a little bit, especially when Lucy was pressing herself against them. This mama is a little afraid of heights!

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