thrifty thursday

My thrift store finds from this week… (AKA things I’ve been doing to avoid painting)

This stunning crystal plug in sconce – $8. I hung it in the living room near the bar. It needs a new shade and bottom finial, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It glams this place up a bit.


Speaking of glamorous, I found these amazing Loeffler Randall Flats for, get this- $5!!! (originally $295 – they clearly didn’t know what they were practically giving away!)


My favorite of the bunch – a treasure trove of books for Lucy, just $8.75

Not a bad haul! It’s much more fun to poke around thrift stores than work on the porch. Here’s a sneak peak of another project I started to avoid painting.


Making a zillion self covered buttons is much more fun if you do it while watching a recap of an interesting blog talk chat. Here’s a link to Joy (from Oh Joy!) Cho’s chat with Naomi from rockstar diaries about the business of blogging. Interesting to hear to different perspectives on blogging and now I want to check out Joy’s book, Blog, Inc.

Here’s what Lucy has been doing to keep busy.

She LOVES watching videos of herself, especially dancing. If I need a minute, all I have to do is turn the Ipad camera on so she can use it like a mirror. We also started a tradition of listening to top 40 while we do the dishes, which is honestly the highlight of my night. We record her sometimes so she can watch it later and it never fails to make her smile ( even when she watches them a million times!) It was a little disarming to hear her sing along to Taylor Swift though…

Hope you are having a splendid week.


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    • Thanks! Staying home means I have the luxury of checking out my regular spots pretty frequently. I love the Junior League on Chicago Ave. for shoes, tchotchkes, and books for Lucy- the ORT across the street on Chicago Ave for furniture, glassware and shoes – and finally the Salvation Army on Oakton for lighting, furniture, and artwork. I only go to Salvation Army maybe once a week, but when it rains it pours! Hope the new house is coming along well!

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