Porch update #6,732

Just before Halloween Sean finished painting the exterior of the new enclosed porch. You might remember that we started this project in February nope January. It feels so good to have it nearly done.

So obviously we have to replace the walkway to no where, and the fence, put up new house numbers and install lattice under the stairs, but for now the steps are at least finished, and more importantly, protected from the weather. We used oil based paint and stain for this project and even though it was sooooo stinky I’m glad we did because it will be extra durable in the long run. Here’s a little reminder of what we started with. This picture is from the original listing for our house (so it’s a bit small.)

Roughly the same view today-

I know, the brick looks horrible, we have to replace the rest of our windows and do a ton of landscaping, but I really think that the porch has seriously improved the view. The long term plan is to paint the front red brick of our house, probably a medium toned gray to contrast with the yellow brick sides. I wouldn’t ever consider painting brick that’s in good condition, but ours obviously is not. The off-set window on the second floor is a huge eyesore and is covered with drywall from the inside. Ideally we will enlarge the opening and replace it with two windows to give the facade some symmetry and benefit from having another window in our bedroom. Just in case that list isn’t long enough, we also need a new roof. But a least our new entrance is pretty!

Sigh. Baby steps.

Hope you had a good weekend!


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