Zara Home Kids

There’s been a whole lot of excitement in the blogosphere about the Zara Home collection. It’s finally available in the US (yippee!) I was even more excited (and impressed with) their kids home collection.

Some of my favorites…

bosque bedding

tuft decorative quilt

elephant apron, star bibs

fiesta organizer, tea time pillow

I’d say the prices fall into the medium category.  I’d probably wait to see if these went on sale, but some of the patterns are pretty darling and potentially worth full price. What are your favorites?


2 responses

  1. Hey! Thanks for the heads-up. Based on your images I would for sure say the Kids line seems stronger. I checked out the regular line and kinda not impressed…I feel like there is no cohesion to the collection. A total hodge podge. I feel like they just outsourced everything and slapped the Zara name on it…in brighter news…loving the blog as always. Also LOVING little L’s new room…what a big girl now…

    • Yeah, I wasn’t blown away by the main collection. Some of it looked quite cheaply made for the price (though I haven’t seen it in person yet) I bet it will get better as they respond to US sales. Hope you’re doing well!

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