Updates in Lucy’s room

A while ago I posted that we had found a big girl bed for Lucy. She’s been in it for a few months so I figured it was time to update with what her room looks like now. You can see pictures of her room before here.

We ended up using a mattress and foundation from Ikea and only used the headboard of the vintage bed we found. The Ikea foundation has storage built it in, which is actually holding her disassembled crib and some extra bedding. I finally got around to painting her closet doors with chalkboard paint and added a pretty knob from Urban Outfitter. I changed out the artwork over  her bed to a poster of a vintage map (also from UO). I chose not to frame it because she kicked down the old frames during some wild diaper changes. I also ditched the bright orange rug in favor of the sheepskin that used to be on the chair. I like seeing a bit more of the wood floor anyway since it makes her tiny room feel a bit bigger. The lamps are just an old pair of cheap Ikea bases that I added chrome dipped chandelier bulbs to to give a more modern feel. The duvet cover is from Urban Outfitter and was on clearance at my local store (i think it was from a display).

I really like the feeling of Lucy’s room. It’s bright and warm, and girly without being too sweet. We do have a bed rail on her bed (it’s the kind that tucks under the mattress when not in use.) She’s pretty good about not falling out of her bed, but she only spends about half the night in her own bed anyway. I’m thinking about putting the rocking chair in storage since we mostly just cuddle on the bed during story time and that way she would have more space to play. I love how her room keeps evolving.

Hope you like it!


p.s. in case you are wondering about the location of her bed, there is a child safety lock on the window.

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