Things have been a bit busy around here. My best childhood friend is coming for a visit and nothing inspires a flurry of house projects like expecting a houseguest! Most of them are boring, like cleaning baseboards and dusting under furniture, but I’ve also tackled a few bigger things. Like painting the bathroom, and the floor of the hallway that leads to it.

Trying to paint the only full bath in your house immediately creates chaos. I’ve had to coordinate the timing of coats of paint with Pk’s schedule so he can actually shower in the morning without stepping through paint. I also failed to do a primer coat because I thought I could skip it because we’re using heavy duty porch paint. Fail! I had to add an extra coat of primer on top of the first two coats because the tinted wood fill that the previous installer had used started to leak through. Hopefully today’s coat is the last and I can actually put the room back together.

Of course I made time for a little thrifting. I picked up these pretty brass bowls for $6 and the sweet white and blue planters for a song. The potted succulents are from Home Depot and were only  a few bucks each. It’s nice to have something pretty to look at while washing paintbrushes  and maybe I won’t kill them?). We managed to squeeze in a trip to Ikea last night and picked up a couple Expedit bookcases for the playroom/office. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of the bathroom and office later this week. We’ve living in a construction zone for so long that it’s  taking me a while to process through all the junk that has accumulated everywhere. At some point we gave up on filing all together and now there is a giant pile of paperwork waiting to find a home. I think I need an extra cup of coffee today…

Is anybody else out there struggling to tie up loose ends?

Hope you all are well,


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  1. Helen! My long lost friend! Hope all is well. LOVE the recent buys. Just looking at those photos side by side makes me happy. Give Lucy a hug for me. Love that girl. Need to catch up soon! Been too long.

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