the bar.

Pk and I have had this bar cart as long as we’ve lived together. I think he found it in an alley maybe? It’s got great lines, but, it’s not great for storage because it has tiny proportions. We mostly just keep our liquor on a tray on top of it for easy access. Don’t judge.

It now lives in the corner of the living room, nearest the sunroom. I love it’s location, but the wall above was looking a little empty. No longer! I found this awesome sunburst mirror at, of all places, Home Depot.

I love that the mirror is convex. Especially because it obscures your view of how completely chaotic everything else in the living room is. Truly peeps. It looks like a band of crayon carrying monkeys trashed my house.

The bar cart actually opens up to reveal a surface to prepare drinks and tiny cubbies for glasses and a couple bottles.

Cool, huh? I have yet to find a set of vintage glassware that actually fits in it, but I look every time I go thrifting. The little circle cutouts are not an average size so I’ve taken to carrying a measuring tape in my purse in the hopes that I’ll find the perfect highballs, rocks, and shot glasses. The little sliding door below hides a tiny shelf where we keep our shakers and strainers.


The cart itself is in desperate need of refinishing don’t you think? I’ve thought about painting it, but I like the warmth that the wood tones bring to that corner of the room, especially now that the gold mirror is above it. It would be a sin to paint it anyway since its probably some kind of awesomely rare mid-century original. I’ve looked in vain for a makers mark, but haven’t found one. Any tips for refinishing it? I was thinking a light sanding and some teak oil, but maybe paste wax would be better? I think it would be fun to have the bar open next time we entertain. I’ll feel like Betty Draper every time I pour Pk a drink.



2 responses

    The Harold’s on Central Street has it. Probably Les Moi on Davis, too. Use a good scratchy Scotch scrubber from the kitchen sink aisle and just give it a lot of good elbow grease! It will REALLY help!!!! If you don’t like it — THEN, you can do the whole sand and stain and blah blah blah. But… this is good stuff. Promise! I’m jealous.
    We let a mover of old “have” our old bar cart [from John’s mom] in place of a ‘tip’ for a move… BAD DECISION! I miss it SO MUCH. have fun…. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. I love, love, love bars and this one is so charming! (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them; they’re so useful and scream both “welcome” and “let’s party” in the classiest way.) You’re right, the sunburst is the perfect accent. You are the queen at finding a beautiful steal. I understand why you’d want to refinish but I don’t know… I love patina. Very wabi-sabi. : ) Either way it will be fabulous! – C

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