I have hoarding tendencies.

I wouldn’t say I’m actually a hoarder, but my urge to collect inexpensive furniture and accessories (not to mention strollers and baby gear) is kind of extreme. I’m working really hard at purging stuff from our house that we don’t use, need or love and then donating said stuff to charity. The problem is when I drop stuff off to donate I’m so tempted to look for more! Lately our local thrift store has been killin’ it. Partly because it’s one of few second hand stores that accepts large furniture, and partly because it gets all the overstock from our local Target. Here’s a sample of a few things that tempted me.


Floral upholstered (brand new!) swoop arm chair from Target. $60 bones. That upholstery is way too bright for our house, but I’m sure it will make someone happy.



Sassy solid brass andirons. Sadly, I have no fireplace, but I gave these babies a good, hard look. $10 bucks.



Hello, curves! Gold mirror – $13 buckaroos



Cane barrel chair – definitely needed paint and new upholstery but it was only $6 dollars! Less than two lattes.




Last, but not least, a pair of midcentury chairs (maybe teak?) A little tung oil and some new upholstery would make these ah-mazing. $30 for the pair.

In a perfect world, I would have a giant garage where I could hoard all these furniture orphans until I found the time to refinish them, but the truth is I have plenty of projects to keep me busy ( and no more room in my garage). It doesn’t hurt to look though! What do you guys hoard? Are your garages full of sad but potentially awesome thrift store finds too?

Hope you’re having a great week.



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