We made it!

I’m not gonna lie. Traveling with a 20 month old is NOT easy. But we survived, and after spending yesterday waiting for our lost (!!!) luggage to be delivered, we are sufficiently rested and recovered. We had a great time visiting with family in DC. We stayed in a fun hotel in the ritzy Dupont Circle neighborhood and loved wandering around admiring all the gorgeous row houses.


Some of them had the most lush gardens in tiny compact yards.

DC feels like such a manageable size to me compared to Chicago. The Metro system was great for getting around and it was SO NICE not to have to haul a car seat around with us. Lucy LOVED being on the train and watching them rush through the station. Many of the Metro stations were designed by the Chicago architect Harry Weese and they are really amazing. They are some of the deepest train lines in the country and, random fact, have the longest escalators in the northern hemisphere. The escalators have really dramatic lighting at night too.

On Saturday morning we visited the zoo which was unbelievably crowded, but Lucy still had a great time.

She really liked the elephants.

Another favorite was the fountain at the Dupont Circle. It was the perfect place for her to run around while Pete and I snacked on some delicious food from the nearby farmers market on Sunday.


I definitely learned that toddlers need tons of space and time to explore new environments and that being constrained in the stroller was not Lucy’s favorite. We ate in our hotel or outside, when possible, so that Lucy was free to explore. I didn’t really feel like chasing after her in restaurants if I didn’t need to.


The only real hiccup in our trip was that our homebound flight was delayed because of weather. We were able to make it on another flight ( even though our bags didn’t) and luckily Lucy was asleep for the first hour. Thankfully I had the Ipad out when she woke up! Honestly, that thing was a lifesaver.



We had a great time! I wish we could have stayed one more day so Lucy could have acclimated a little more, but overall I think it was a success. I also had a babycarrier with me so I could wear her in the airport which made getting through security much easier. I’m not really eager to take her on a super long flight anytime soon, but I think it was a great experience for us. She’s been talking about planes and trains first thing every morning. Super Cute.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

xx – H

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