bon voyage!

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We’re headed to Washington DC tonight to visit family. I’m so excited to see everyone, but feeling a bit apprehensive about actually getting there. I’m not a huge fan of flying and am a little nervous about how Lucy will handle the flight. My Ipad is fully charged and loaded with Sesame Street and Thomas the train videos; hopefully she’ll be entertained. I also found these headphones so we don’t disturb other passengers. She’s teething so I may be buying lots of cocktails for myself our seat neighbors. It’s rare for my side of the family to have everyone together in one place (there’s too many of us!) so I’m overjoyed that Lucy gets some quality time with her aunt, uncles, and grandparents. Yippee! Any tips for traveling with a toddler?

Have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. She will be fine! Roll with it and forget the rest! We took Isabelle to Paris twice, Marrakech, and New York a few times already…connections in Zurich, and all over. Don’t over pack, that’s the key, carrying stuff will make you grumpy. She will think the planes are so cool and there are a ton of buttons to be pressed. She will love going trough security and people watching at the airport! Have fun and take pictures. xo

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